Omise now behind payment for web and mobile orders in McDonalds Thailand

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Omise partners up with McDonalds Thailand to provide payments to online and mobile users – basically news from August was confirmed today.

In the blog post Omise says both online and in-app McDonalds orders in Thailand are now using white-labeled solution from Omise.

This is big news for the crypto community mostly becase of OmiseGO, a decentralized blockchain-based financial mechanism that allows peer-to-peer and real-time payments and exchanges between crypto- and fiat currencies.

Namely, the McDonalds partnership has several positive effects:

OMG token goes up and traders make money
– Businesses that support cryptocurrencies and decentralized tech are striving
– Mainstream adoption of blockchain and crypto-related projects increases.

…and one negative effect: the OMG token is definitely being pumped here, and though we mean “pump in a good way” there will definitely be correction of the OMG value, as well as some disillusioned voices in the crowd. Stay safe in the markets!


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