OKCoin hack – full press release translation

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The announcement is still fresh, and it’s in Chinese, but from the machine translation we can understand that there has been an OKCoin hack:

OKCoin International Stock Exchange is now a large number of accounts stolen users said the loss of 10 million

2017-10-01 14:25:46

Internet Financial Telecommunication Gold Qi

According to the number of OKEx, OKCoin users broke their accounts stolen, ranging from tens of thousands to millions of dollars. According to preliminary statistics, there are nearly 10 users of the loss of the loss of more than 600 yuan, about the value of 20 million yuan.

Recently, Wang told the golden whale (id: lanjinghj), September 28 morning in the OKEx trading platform account was a German IP address landing, participated in the just-line Bitcoin – Ether Square Classic (BTC-ETC) Of the transaction, all positions strong flat, pending order to revoke. The illegal intruder in the hour within the account will be depleted of Bitcoin. The account of the original 200 special currency, the estimated loss of more than 500 million.

OKEx customer service on Wang’s reply is: hackers, stolen cases and platform has nothing to do, the victim can own alarm.

Another microblogging called “well-known still with the” bloggers revealed that the current group of nine victims, the number is still increasing, incomplete statistics involving more than one thousand yuan. Users suspected that the OK platform has been exploded library, or have been closed platform exchange staff to the hacker to disclose the platform user account information, hackers through the user information to break the account password login platform, and then complete the digital asset transfer platform.

According to the “well-known still with” that the victims generally encountered a difficult problem, there are local police that the currency is a pyramid selling behavior, theft of special currency cases will not be placed on file.

OKEx is based on the well-known virtual currency trading platform OKCoin International Station based on the digital asset contract service trading platform, currency trading and leveraged virtual currency futures trading. OKEx in the leveraged trade and hedging two functions, to achieve a free conversion between digital assets, users can directly use the same amount of currency exchange of the same amount of Leite, ETH.

In early 2014, OKEx received a well-known Chinese venture capital fund venture capital venture, Hong Kong listed company Mito (01357.HK) founder of the Long collar investment of millions of dollars A round of investment.

Public information, OKCoin International Station and OKEx account to achieve a permanent separation, the two platforms independently recharge and cash, but users can still use OKCoin International Station account directly log OKEx website.

The damages are said to be around 20 mln yuan, which is around $3 million.

Once again, the reports are that the users’ accounts were hacked, not the exchange itself.

Seems like some of the targeted users suspect OKCoin staff to have leaked user account data; one of the users that suffered from the hack claims that the attacker logged in from a German IP address.

okcoin hack german ip attacker

Hopefully the attack has been localized by now.

OKCoin staff distributes calls for tougher account security among users:

okcoin staff ask for more security

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