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When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, investors consider the high volatility as one of the most critical challenges. Besides the obvious risks, the sharp price movements also represent real opportunities that anticipate generous profits. Leaving the investor’s viewpoint aside, the high volatility of the cryptocurrencies doesn’t allow these to become widely accepted means of payment.

Oduwa is a project that focuses on volatility issues that erode the crypto space from the inside. The day when the cryptos go mainstream and reach stability will surely come, but until then, we have to deal with the unpredictable volatility.

The Oduwa project revolves around the Oduwa blockchain-powered exchange and Oduwa Coin. The platform enables investors to trade cryptocurrencies by benefiting from the insurance against volatility and asset protection solutions.

Oduwa’s working principle is simple – the investor has to pay a small fee in Oduwa Coin when the market does well so that when the bad time comes, i.e. a sharp downward movement hits the market, the Oduwa system will ensure that the negative trend doesn’t affect the user’s balance. In other words, it’s a typical insurance system implemented in the cryptocurrency market, which, we should recognize, is a wonderful idea.

Helping Investors Stay Safe

Mitigating trading risks is quite challenging and very few investors can stick to risk management techniques. The Oduwa team wants to streamline the trading process via an open-source blockchain platform that is secure, transparent, confidential, and scalable. The exchange will also automate the risk management via its smart insurance solution.

In the period between November 2017 and January 2018, the cryptocurrency market demonstrated impressive growth, attracting many investors across the world. The potential return on investment was unprecedented, as the market has exploded at a much faster pace than the NASDAQ index during the 2000s or the real-estate market before the 2008 crisis. In fact, the crypto space, led by Bitcoin, has been the fastest growing market in history.

However, it also means investors had to deal with crazy volatile movements. Moreover, since January 6, 2018, the crypto market has fallen on the negative sentiment caused by news about tighter crypto regulations and several hacking attacks. This medium-term depreciation discouraged many investors as many of them have lost their recent gains.

The total market capitalization figure rose from about $200 billion in early November 2017 to a record $820 billion in early January 2018, after which it has declined to the current level at $324 billion, losing at one point 70% since its record high.

Morgan Stanley analysts found striking similarities between the price of Bitcoin and the NASDAQ Index during the dot-com bubble. You can see the almost-mirrored charts below:

However, there is a catch – the Bitcoin’s timeframe is 15 times smaller, meaning that the largest cryptocurrency copied NASDAQ’s movements 15 times faster. We speak about incredible examples of volatility here, and it seems that Bitcoin, as well as the whole crypto market, is an unmatched champion. The long-term depreciation is another serious concern.

This is where Oduwa can help – it has developed a great concept that encourages investors to ignore the depreciation periods. The solution is straightforward – a smart insurance system is integrated into the blockchain-based crypto exchange, thus achieving a safe ecosystem to securely trade different tokens. You can think about Oduwa as a Coinbase-like service, but with much higher security and with great insurance options for various investors’ needs.

As an Oduwa spokesperson put it:

With a revolutionary solution like ODUWA’s, you have no risk of losing money with absolute protection in the face value of your principal investment. Our solution will play a major role in stabilizing the market and creating a new trust economy. Once you purchase your ODUWA tokens they become immediately available upon purchase, deployed through Etheruem.

Oduwa Coin

The Oduwa exchange has been successfully funded, so the development has already begun. The platform is anticipated to go live in May 2018.

The exchange will revolve around Oduwa Coin, which is one of the most secure tokens out there. The total supply of Oduwa Coins is capped at 21 million, so investors shouldn’t be concerned about any potential inflation. In other words, as the network grows, so does the token’s price.

The Oduwa team is currently conducting an initial coin offering (ICO), seeking to raise $3.15 million by selling 85% of the total token supply. The ICO started on April 5 and will end on May 5. Investors can buy Oduwa tokens with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

If you want to invest in Oduwa, you should better hurry up because there are great bonuses for early investors. For example, during the current Week 2, you can benefit from a bonus that ranges from 80% to 100%.

As an Oduwa Coin holder, you will be able to trade on the Oduwa platform and enjoy their insurance solutions against price depreciation. Also, you will be able to use the Oduwa pay debit card to better manage your crypto funds.

Oduwa is one of the smartest investments during volatile and bearish market movements. You can buy Oduwa Coins here and follow their progress on the Oduwa Telegram channel.

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