Noah Project Partners with the Large Payment Gateway PayRemit to Expand Its Payment Options


Since the start of the Noah Project in 2016, the team has been focusing on creating a number of blockchain-based solutions aimed to bridge the gap between Japanese and Filipino citizens, connect families, travelers and businesses.

Today the Noah Project is pleased to announce the launch of a strategic partnership with one of the largest payment gateways in the Philippines – PayRemit. This company enables Filipino workers residing overseas to pay for various products and services via the Internet – either using their online wallet or with the help of PayRemit agents – through over-the-counter transactions.

Pursuing the same mission of empowering migrant workers and supporting economic growth via digital technologies, the Noah Project and PayRemit see a huge step forward for both companies in their alliance.

While the Noah Project gives its users more ways to utilize Noah Coins in real life,  the payment gateway company expands its payment channels providing a seamless and fast alternative to traditional methods.

With this payment gateway, Filipinos and overseas workers who own Noah Coin will have access to a wide range of merchants and vendors on PayRemit. They can shop online on such popular platforms as Sendah – a gift remittance & payment platform;  Goldilocks – a bakeshop chain based in the Philippines, BeamAndGo – a service offering purchasing groceries, medicine, and other life’s essentials online;  Sarisari – an e-gift platform with flowers toys, gifts and food package delivery.

Moreover, it will be possible to pay with Noah Coin for telecommunications services (PLDT, Globe), electricity bills (Meralco) and even purchase flight tickets of the Philippines’ leading airline – Cebu Pacific Air.

Besides, Noah Coin users will have access to the various Philippine government services that PayRemit has partnered with.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Noah Project and PayRemit, millions of Filipino migrant workers will have a fast and hassle-free option to buy necessary goods and services for their loved ones at home, while Noah Coin users can pay for their online purchases in any of PayRemit’s partner outlets.

The process of making a purchase using PayRemit is very easy. Once a customer chooses the item to buy at the merchants’ online store, he selects PayRemit as the preferred mode of payment. After the transaction has been processed, a customer receives his unique PayRemit Reference Number, which will be used to make payments with Noah Coins via the Noah website.

Josef Werker, a spokesperson of the Noah Foundation (the parent organization of the Noah Project), believes that:

the alliance of the Noah Project and PayRemit will bring many benefits to migrants. Compared to traditional cash or credit card payments and remittances, online transactions in Noah Coin will give more security and independence in payments. Thanks to blockchain, expats can be sure that the money spent will be received by the merchant and the purchase will be fulfilled and received by their families seamlessly.

For the current and future holders of Noah Coin, the ability to use their assets through PayRemit opens the doors to the wide range of more than 100 partner online shops and service outlets. The Noah Project expects this would help to erase geographical borders and create a solution for easier financial transactions and remittances between the Filipino overseas workers and their loved ones living at home.

Join the unique Noah Project, designed to bring new technologies closer to people and let them us all the advantages of blockchain in real lives. To get the latest updates, visit the official Telegram chat, follow the Noah project on Facebook and Twitter.

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