Nissi Online Casino Adds Live Blackjack

With 3000+ games to play, Nissi Online Casino is a place you will get yourself completely involved and better yet they keep expanding and adding more fun and games to the variety. Nissi Online Casino a group of highly qualified iGaming professionals from Europe. They combine the fun and excitement of gambling with the convenience of sitting at home. One can find a variety of table games here. Most well-known games are available such as craps, blackjack, Red Hog, Dragon Tiger, baccarat etc.

The website offers not only the traditional layout of each game but also a more advanced and high end modified games with better visuals. The graphics, visuals and the way you interact with other players will make you believe as if you were playing in a real world. The additional feature if playing online on Nissi Online Casino is you can play on the go and there is no cumbersome issue of going to the casino yourself. Save time, save effort. With evolution, gaming is becoming part of the family. The entire library of evolution gaming has come into the folds of Nissi Online Casino.

Blackjack is becoming increasingly popular because of its greater prize money, easily implementable strategy and brief and comprehensive rules. On Nissi Online Casino too you can find Blackjack and other similar games. Nissi Online Casino like other games offer plenty of blackjack games on the website, and most of them are life too where you can interact and chat with other players. If you can take the risk for the bigger prize you have higher betting options and if you want to play safe you also will have lower betting options. It’s no lesser experience than a real casino. For better and swift gameplay increased dealing speed is employed. On devices, the games are available in both the portrait and landscape mode.

How To Play

There are a variety of blackjack games available to choose the best one that suits your choice but the basic principles for playing the blackjack are common for every form.

  • Every player tries to get closer to a total of 21 which is equivalent to a blackjack or to get a hand which is somehow closer to 21.
  • Its also about the strategy to make your move and strategy timely for a maximum chance of a win
  • Bet your money in a strategic way to avoid the loss on one hand and intimidate other players for a greater bet and eventually greater prize money.
  • If you win you will get the same amount of money you placed the bet on plus the same amount of money from the dealer.


  • Up to 7 players are allowed in the game. The game is hosted by a dealer with whom the cards are dealt.
  • Played with standard 52 card deck.
  • The card carries individual values which are:
  • 10 for face cards such as jacks, kings, and queens,
  • Aces with worth of 1 and 11, depending on favorability to hand
  • If a hand includes an ace which is worth 11 then it’s a soft hand.
  • Cards are dealt clockwise after the expiration of the allotted betting time.

The dealer is beaten if you have a deck closer to 21 but you should avoid going over the limit. If you cross over you are busted. If the dealer deals an ace and a card having worth 10 then you have successfully got a blackjack, the only scenario to offset your win situation is if the dealer to gets blackjack.

You are welcome to report any bug you observe during the gameplay. You can also screenshot and report a display. The withdrawal and transfer process too is fast and takes place within next 12-24 hours of request. Nissi Online Casino has got a support department which is always live. You will find their assistance readily upon request. The team at Nissi Online Casino values feedback from the customers and acts accordingly. The payment methods are consistently updated according to the new researched transaction method for fastest delivery.

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