Next cryptocurrency to explode [updated]

Looking for the next cryptocurrency to explode? You’re on the right page. We’ll give you an answer that is simple, universal, and evergreen, but you might dislike it if you are greedy.

The next cryptocurrency to explode is Bitcoin, BTC.

There are just so many reasons to stick to Bitcoin rather than chase gains with altcoins and ICO tokens. We’ll try to go them one by one, but here’s one thing: this is not an investment advice article. Do your own research and go ahead with your own decisions.

Here’s a list of reasons why Bitcoin is the #1 cryptocurrency to watch, own and promote:

  1. It’s the original, one in a lifetime, cryptocurrency. It’s scarce, limited in supply, and it’s what makes all other coins possible.
  2. It’s got the most developers working on it. Smartest people of the world work to make BTC better and stronger. No other coin’s team is as motivated, decentralized, and plentiful.
  3. It’s not going anywhere. Being alive since 2009 it’s only getting more and more features with every hard fork, every popular altcoin and every attack. Dead altcoins make a long list though.

Giacomo Zucco dropped an amazingly informative thread on Twitter today, and his explanation of Bitcoin’s supremacy over altcoins is logical, elegant and exhausting. Here it is if you are not convinced yet:

Once again – here’s what happens in extreme scenarios if you focus on Bitcoin only:

a) without Bitcoin there will be NO altcoins. Any crypto investment will be worthless.

b) with strong Bitcoin you will have …strong Bitcoin.

next cryptocurrency to explode best altcoin is bitcoin
Bitcoin is the best altcoin out there. Just like meat is the best fruit you can have.

Interestingly enough, many cryptocurrencies are pump and dump schemes that strive off of FOMO – “fear of missing out”. A lot of crypto ads go along the lines of “missed the Bitcoin train? here’s a new thing you can’t miss!” Many people fall for such ads because they think Bitcoin is something that “happened” already, which is wrong (see why above).

Also, even though it’s 2018 newcomers still do not realize you can buy a fraction of Bitcoin any time, and they get put off by the high price of BTC. Seems like psychologically it’s better to own 1K shitcoins that have all chances to vaporize in 6 months, rather than 0.2 BTC which, chances are, will only grow in value.

Please consider everything above to make your own sober-minded decisions. What’s the next cryptocurrency to explode in your opinion? Share in the comments – CoinVigilance is a free speech zone and we approve everything except for spam or scams.

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