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Welcome to the Ethereum Classic subreddit. We’re happy to have you here! We’ve got a lot going on so read below and definitely check out the comments section of this thread if you want to get up to speed.

First, here is a Quick Summary of ETC’s current state (big thanks to /u/spark_alice1):

Quick Summary



Getting Started

Interested in more details on where we’re going this year? Check out ETCDEVs Roadmap and Ethereum Commonwealth’s Roadmap

Interested in Classic from an investment standpoint? Read the ECIT Investment Thesis (PDF).

Want the latest news? Checkout the ClassicIsComing twitter, the Ethereum Classic twitter, and ETC.Today.

Want to watch some talks from our recent summit? Check them out here.

Getting Involved

Want to talk about ETC?

Join our Discord where most discussion happens; everything from general chat, to trading, to development. We’ll also be launching a forum soon so stay tuned.

Want to develop for ETC?

Checkout our github, read ECIPs to see what changes are coming, and talk in the #development channel


What are the key differences between Ethereum Classic and Ethereum?

It’s much more than The DAO. Namely:

  • Decentralized development teams. We have 3 independently funded teams. Each of which are working on their own things.
  • We also have a 4th independently funded Cooperative that is providing finding for projects within the ETC ecosystem and marketing.
  • We are staying with PoW instead of going with PoS for simplicity. At the moment PoS implementations seem very overly complex and we’d rather not risk the network with untested tech.
  • We have a capped ETC supply that is modeled after Bitcoin’s.
  • We are very popular internationally, particularly in South Korea and China.
  • Cardano (ADA) is going to allow for both chains to interact. Their wallet is adding support for ETC/mantis (RC 1 is available).
  • ETCDEV in particular is beginning work on sidechains and IoT-focused efforts. To this end they’re putting together a platform to make development easier (Emerald Project) and have separated the EVM out from the rest of the code so it can now run on low-powered devices (SputnikVM). Their 2018 roadmap is here. Prototype end of May. Live deployment starting end of July. Completed end of November.

Are there DApps on Ethereum Classic?

Certainly, there are many useful applications running on Ethereum Classic. Check out this post by /u/OmniEdge for some examples.

Did the ECIP-1017 fork create free coins?

No. As of late it has become fashionable for Bitcoin to fork and create “free coins” out of thin air. This is not the case with ECIP-1017. This was simply an upgrade that 95%+ of the machines running on the ETC network support. This update strengthens ETC, giving us a known monetary supply. If you’d like to read more about it click here.

Is Classic anti-Ethereum?

No, of course not. We disagree on some things but many of our members consider themselves members of other blockchain communities including Ethereum.

I hear ETC is pro-hacker, is that true?

No, not at all. The core tenent of ETC is that we don’t undo the past and we don’t retroactively change rules on our blockchain. All changes can only occur on future blocks when everyone is informed of the rules ahead of time so they can make their own decisions on their involvement with ETC. We believe the long-term benefits of this approach far outweigh the negatives.

Is there an ETC Foundation?

ETC aims to be decentralized, to this end we have three independent dev teams (ETCDEV, IOHK, and Ethereum Commonwealth) . We also have the Ethereum Classic Cooperative which helps fund ETC-based projects.

Will ETC never hardfork?

We have, can, and will continue to make hardforks when they benefit our community and do not risk splitting it apart.

Hardforks typically offer improvements to the network, and when they’re not contentious the community stays together. Without them we would be unable to make many types of improvements. So yes, Classic has, and will continue to create hardforks when necessary and when community agreement is high. One example of this is the upcoming hardfork that makes changes to our monetary policy, another one delayed our difficulty bomb.

More FAQs can be found here.

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