New prepaid crypto card coming from NAGA soon (pre-register now)

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Crypto-focused fintech companies that provide Bitcoin debit cards have entered an active phase of struggle for customers’ attention. So far Wirex is winning the first stage and launching the best UK and EU Bitcoin card. More contenders come into play, promising card releases, NAGA among them and promising a working card within weeks. Let’s review what NAGA is quickly.

NAGA is a Germany-based fintech startup headed by Benjamin Bliski, a former swimming champion. The company is a FOREX/CFD trading platform that’s heavily intertwined with cryptocurrencies and ICOs. The customer dashboard gives a great idea of what the platform hosts:


The wallet part of the app lets you buy Bitcoin and altcoins via a Changelly widget, as well as invest into various ICOs. The most interesting part in the context of this article, however, is the NAGA Card. According to information from a NAGA fan on Twitter, the card is coming in “weeks if not earlier”:

This does not look like an official statement though, so let us wait for the YouTube Q&A. According to the previous Q&A session that took place on Mat 14th, the card was “almost ready to be shipped”. Hopefully the company is not repeating the Monaco’s mistake of hyping up a product that never comes.

NAGA’s Official YouTube channel that will host Q&A:

We will recap the whole Q&A session for you, make sure you are on our mailing list to be notified of that.

Meanwhile make sure you sign up to NAGA to be higher on the list for your prepaid card shipment, in case they decide to release cards in batches.

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