Neurocontrol – Controlling Devices Using Your Brain


Have you ever dreamed of making objects fly and move around by the power of thoughts, just like in the Matrix? Well, this might soon become a reality – Neurocontrol is the technology being developed to control devices by just using your brain.

So What Is Neurocontrol? How Does It Work?

Neurocontrol is a technologically facilitated process which allows users to manipulate and control a device directly by using brain waves. The brain signals are received by a neurointerface (a device in the form of a headset), which are then translated into instructions processed by the AI-driven Neurogress software and further interpreted as commands for action by an electronic or a mechatronic device.

This kind of revolutionary approach could have deep implications for many fields –  with neurocontrol, users would be able to control internet-connected devices with incredible precision. Artists would be able to create masterpieces in just a matter of minutes, while everybody would be able to type at speeds only limited by their thinking pace.

Improving Quality of Life for the Disabled

Most disabled people will face many challenges when attempting to use electronic devices, particularly those who are movement-impaired or sight-impaired. Even though most smartphones and computers have built-in accessibility features, they usually still aren’t enough; disabled users will never be able to use their devices with the fluency and ease of a normal user. This isn’t ideal, as those less fortunate are being denied the opportunity of enriching their lives with all that the Internet and technology have to offer. Losing a limb can significantly reduce a person’s quality of life, and critically curtail their physical activity; it frequently leads to long-term emotional and psychological challenges and breakdowns.

Enter Neurocontrol. One particular segment of the disabled population can directly benefit from this technology – those who have partially or completely lost limbs. Neurocontrol could help those affected to quickly regain mobility through the use of prosthetic limbs – the use of this technology has drastically reduced rehabilitation time from four to eighteen months down to two to three weeks.

Neurogress – Bringing Neurocontrol into the Blockchain Ecosystem

Neurogress is a new, promising startup that vows to revolutionize the world using neurocontrol technology. They have big plans for neurocontrol – currently, they have already tested their proprietary neurocontrol technology on prosthetic limbs and robots. By combining neurocontrol technology with artificial intelligence, they are building a system which will learn and adapt to the user. Integration with Internet of Things (IoT) devices is also planned for the near future – this will allow users to control a variety of appliances from a large distance by simply using their thoughts.

For example, a user could control their thermostat using neurocontrol technology while they are at work. By simply wishing to return to a warm, comfortable home, Neurogress’ neural interface can translate these thoughts into commands sent over the Internet, right back to the thermostat.

This isn’t just limited to certain devices and appliances either – Neurogress will provide public access to its API and will allow anyone to play around with its source code to start neurocontrol development on any existing or upcoming gadgets. For those who are familiar with the IFTTT service, this could be the evolution for it – users will no longer have to go through third-party services or apps in order to fulfill their desires for automation and simplicity.

Drones are also on the horizon for Neurogress

Drones are also on the horizon for Neurogress; the company has identified the $100 billion market opportunity for drones. For both hobbyists and enthusiasts alike, flying drones using your mind will be a dream come true for many people – there will be no need to fuss around with complicated controls. By simply commanding a drone from your mind, it will obey your instructions without any complications – just like out of a sci-fi movie.

Blockchain technology is a natural fit for Neurogress – it will provide an ideal transaction processing platform for the project. By integrating the platform with blockchain and smart contract technologies, security concerns related to the execution device can be addressed. In the case of system failure and errors, the blockchain will make it possible to track the type of transaction and the cause of the failure. This eliminates the possibility that neurocontrolled devices might be used for illegal purposes or blackmailing.

Artificial Intelligence and Neurotechnology are both cutting-edge industries; large companies such as Google and Amazon are investing millions in order to monopolize the industry. By using the blockchain, Neurogress aims to prevent this and help decentralize the AI market.

Artificial Intelligence plays a huge part of the Neurogress ecosystem by streamlining the user experience through a combination of AI-powered machine learning and collecting data of users’ neural activity. This also helps independent developers harness the power of neurocontrol technology through the use of the Neurogress SDK – the existing platform and marketplace will help bring many new applications and software to the mainstream.

Neurogress TGE

In order to fund this ambitious project, Neurogress will be holding its Token Generation Event (TGE) from May 1, 2018, until June 30, 2018. The company will be seeking to raise a total of approximately 58,500 ETH to kickstart its project. In return, investors will receive Neurogress Tokens (NRG). NRG will allow users to purchase software or devices in the Neurogress Marketplace, and to pay for developers writing code for Neurogress-based projects.

For more information about Neurogress, please visit and download the project whitepaper. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook and connect with them on Reddit and through their Telegram chat.

What do you think about neurocontrol? Do you think you will use it once it reaches widespread adoption? Do you feel like you could benefit from this kind of technology? Let us know your thoughts below!

Images courtesy of Neurogress, RD Revilo/Huffington Post

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