Nebulas [NAS] Partners with Udacity to Identify and Train Talent Through its Scholarship Program


The next generation blockchain platform Nebulas and online education platform Udacity have come together to create the Global Blockchain Talent Scholarship. This will help students gain the required skills to arrive and succeed in the blockchain space.

Blockchain engineer certification program launched

Udacity, a leading technology education platform in Silicon Valley, in collaboration with Nebulas blockchain, launched a blockchain engineer certification program to help students around the world learn the principles of blockchain technology. Students will depend on the Nebulas platform to access real-time projects at the forefront of the blockchain and acquire knowledge to fully participate in the industry.

Nebulas and Udacity will look forward to providing resources such as technology, expertise, and professional support to promote the sound development of the blockchain industry. Nebulas will also share its rich development experience with students through Udacity, and conduct various teaching methods such as video teaching and technical interviews.

Students will have the opportunity to join Nebulas upon completing the Udacity program and recruited students will receive a full refund of tuition fees.

Nebulas Team has been a firm believer of blockchain education and supports new talent. Because of this open approach, there are more than 2,000 developers, and over 4000 dapps have been launched on the Nebulas mainnet, which even exceeds Ethereum’s numbers. Among them, the “Cell Evolution” winner of the first month of the “Nebulas Incentive Program” recently received a co-investment worth 5 million RMB, at a 30 million RMB valuation. The Nebulas team welcomes more developers to join the ecosystem.

This partnership with Udacity is considered an important arrangement for the cultivation and onboarding of blockchain talent and is aligned with the philosophy and resources of Nebulas.

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Blockchain projects investing in Edtech, to educate and nurture talent in the blockchain

As major blockchain coins are maturing and looking to hold ground in future, a lot of focus is moving towards educating and training talent. And with blockchain talent demand slowly surpassing supply a lot of projects are themselves investing in to creating courses and offering scholarships to train and nurture talent. Earlier this month, Ripple has committed over $50 million in funding, subject matter expertise and technical resources to UBRI’s first wave of university partners —17 prestigious institutions around the world.

Tron’s knowledge company, Team Tronics recently announced the launch of its “University” aim to strengthen and build the skills of students that would be useful to Tron communities.  No just development a lot of educational courses in investing have to come up. The Japanese Cryptocurrency Support Center has launched an intensive course for seniors to help them learn and invest in cryptocurrencies to tap the growing interest of seniors and middle-aged adults in crypto investing.

Slowly but steadily as Cryptos are turning mainstream, it is anticipated a lot of talent would be needed in the industry to take it to next level. Hence this grassroots invests are good for the industry to flourish

Will these grassroots investments be enough to develop talent alone? Will mainstream universities also develop courses in blockchain to support talent supply? Do let us know your views on the same

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Written by Nilesh Maurya @ June 25, 2018 Nilesh Maurya

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