Native Video Box to Collaborate with ICOBox to Change the Digital Content Landscape


Native Video Box (NVB), Russia’s up-and-coming independent native video platform, has just announced it is teaming up with ICOBox, as the company continues into the second stage of its ICO through to April 15, 2018.

The NVB platform aims to change the face of the digital advertising ecosystem worldwide by doing away with intermediaries and allowing content developers, advertisers and publishers (i.e. websites) to connect directly. ICOBox is the premier provider of SaaS solutions for companies conducting their ICOs and will provide the technical, legal and marketing services that will guide NVB through the next stages of its token offering.

In the world of online marketing, advertisers are always seeking maximum impressions in order to reach their marketing objectives, while website managers have a similar goal of attracting traffic to their sites with the aim of generating income from those same advertisers. Great video content is the key to drawing the audiences that advertisers and publishers crave, but content creators like small video studios and video bloggers aka vloggers have to compete for wide distribution and may not always have the capacity to reach the best possible publishers. The NVB platform intends to be the solution where content creators, advertisers, and websites can connect to the most relevant partners.

The platform operates as a decentralized video distribution system that places licensed video content on the publishing websites, providing content creators with massive additional viewership. Websites can simply insert a widget onto their sites, and NVB’s AI technology goes to work selecting the ideal content for that outlet. End users experience videos as native to the site, rather than as an intrusive annoyance.

NVB essentially cuts out the crowded ad supply chain, enabling the company to share up to 75% of ad-generated revenues with content producers and distributors. Alexander Shishow, NVB founder and CEO, suggests that it’s NVB’s ability to directly share ad revenues with those who truly create and distribute content that will attract the best creators and top websites to their system. He notes:

The advantage of all this is that it provides huge organic growth to our network, attracting the best platforms and licensed video content for a reasonable fee, thus making it very attractive to advertisers.

ICOBox co-founder Mike Raitsyn, who is also an advisor to NVB, believes this unique, intriguing project has what it takes to carry out an effective ICO. Speaking about the partnership, Raitsyn says:

They have all the right ingredients for a successful initial offering. […] It comes down to the basics: they are offering a popular and innovative idea, a top-quality product, and they have a strong team, with an approachable and useful token, which is why, in my opinion, NVB can expect its public ICO to be a successful one.

The entire ecosystem operates through NVB’s utility token, which is required to participate in any transactions. This internal cryptocurrency system means that transactions can be made between any token holders anywhere in the world, which also solves the issue of regulatory documentation or settling financial claims, as well as avoiding the problem of the high commissions of currency exchange.

Token holders will enjoy bonuses for holding higher quantities of tokens and will be able to rent tokens out to other potential users. The ICO is now in its second stage, offering a 20% discount on its NVB token until February 15. The third stage of their token offering will begin on February 16, when the discount will decrease to 10%.

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