NAGA debit card application: Sept 18th. Cards shipped: Sept 26th

NAGA has released a riddling e-mail at the end of last week – all it had was an image of a plastic card, the date Sept 18th and #PaidWithNAGA hashtag.

Benjamin Bilski, the founder of NAGA has given more details on Twitter in a video:

According to the video, the cards are all set and will be shipped on September 26. An exact date is definitely a progress compared to previous, nearly 1-year old, statements.

Just like with other similar crypto debit card providers (e.g. Minex or Paycent) you will have to pre-order the card first and have it shipped later. And, just like with those projects, there is a token that’s central to the ecosystem – the Naga Coin.

NAGA offers a wide range of financial, educational and entertainment products – cryptocurrency wallets, crypto exchange, cfd trading platform, virtual goods marketplace and so on. Having Naga Coin is central to using all these starting services, so if you wish to potentially get your Naga debit card it could be a good idea to get some Naga coin.

Naturally, having their own token has disadvantages and opens room for speculation – when token price starts to matter more and more, comanies tend to release too much hype news.

We will be following the Naga debit card order process and shipment – and we will release a separate card review with fees, limits and other terms.

Meanwhile you can go ahead and register at Naga.


If you are interested in actually working crypto debit cards – check Wirex for UK/EU, and Paycent for the rest of the world.

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