Monaco Card CEO Kris Marszalek interview at Money20/20: Nothing works yet, but will be grand.

So yesterday’s post on Monaco was attacked by their fan-base (or ICO investors) as a biased one. We’ve even had people try and squeeze in comments that could be used to compromise our website in various ways. A lot of people apparently believe that Monaco is just the best thing that ever happened to humanity since sliced bread.

Our stance here is clear: we like crypto, we like adoption, we like working crypto ATM cards, and we want to see more of everything. We like truth and dislike fuzzy promo statements. All we want from Monaco is to be a working product with clear terms and straightforward communication.

Now, Monaco’s CEO Kris Marszalek gave an interview to Decentro Media today and we jumped on it to clear out any questions remaining. Here’s the interview:

Here’s the list of no-bs points:

1:47 The card issuing partner is a German bank, WireCard;
17:35 Card’s not available yet, won’t be available in New Zealand;
19:15 “Monaco is at a very early stage now” and has not launched for any region (the app);
19:20 At the launch of the wallet app Monaco will own your private keys (i.e. your all your coins), eventually giving you access to them “as soon as it’s practical”.
23:04 The card itself is “weeks away”.

The rest is just exhibition of plans and bragging diluted by praises from the interviewer, – this is a sponsored talk, much rather than journalism, but that’s not relevant to the point.

The point is the following: Monaco does not have a working ATM card, or a trading app, or a credit line app as of March 2018. Period.

Ultimately, this is our stance on Monaco: it’s a neatly looking prototype of a trading app that plans to have a lot of features, including a crypto debit card. We’ll be back to reviewing it once it goes live.


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  1. […] despite what the armies of their loyal supporters have said, the cards have never been operational (1, 2, 3). As of July 2018 they’ve rebranded to the generic name “crypto dot com” […]

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