Minexpay card banking update – the Czech deal is off, another coming

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Minex recently jumped the gun announcing partnership with a Czech bank – so much that the bank itself took it to twitter and replied to every retweet of the Minex blog denying the partnership.

This could’ve been the worst PR week for Minex and they were forced to release more details. Turns out they had a deal with a set of intermediaries that supposedly worked with the bank. The bank itself however was not aware of the Minex brand and turned out to be not as crypto-friendly. All the hype surrounding the crypto debit card did not go well with the bank.

Long story short, Minex’ deal with their bank was off. Here is their latest announcement – the tl’dr version is “deal is off, we are free from that contract and found a new card supplier already. All good but there will be more delays”:

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