Minex announces partnership with ČSOB bank (Intermediaries involved)


This information appears to be false. Looks like MinexPay published a misleading announcement.

Following this CSOB tweet MinexPay were forced to release another announcement – we’ve analyzed it and put together a post with exact info on Minex debit card issuers and partners.

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We’ve recently published a post on serious delays in crypto debit card delivery by Minex. As they announced the delay they promised to provide a detailed roadmap at some point this week.

The road map has not been presented yet but they’ve released another piece of good news – Minex has (allegedly) partnered with ČSOB bank in Czech Republic:

minexpay and csob bank partnership

We are pleased to announce that we’ve made a deal with ČSOB bank for the first MinexPay cards.

ČSOB is one of the largest commercial banks operating in the Czech Republic since 1964. This bank has enhanced its considerable experience with openness towards forward-thinking technologies such as blockchain.

We are glad that ČSOB will be covering the banking side of MinexPay services.

More news is coming up, stay tuned!

The announcement is encouraging, but it has very little details and leaves a couple of questions hanging: how many cards will ČSOB issue, what are the limits and terms they’ve imposed, will Minex have to look for another issuer afterwards, and so on.

Hopefully Minex has more news coming over the next day – the project is important because it will supposedly offer crypto debit cards that would work for worldwide residents, not just US or EU citizens. So far only Paycent offers a Unionpay card that gets sent worldwide.

Right now Minex seems on the right track and hopefully they’ll go through with working cards.

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