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We created megathreads a while back for specific exchanges to consolidate the rash of complaint threads popping up. Those old ones got archived, so this is the new set of remade ones. These are certainly not all exchanges, nor should this indicate exchanges that are particularly problematic. At this point, it’s just a list of some of the most popular ones. These megathreads should be used to post your issues about exchanges and not in individual threads. This sub is one of few places where traders can get community warnings about exchange issues–withdrawals suddenly not happening, trade engine issues, etc. We welcome reasonably-toned posts to that end. Keep things objective and state your experience with as many details as possible. You should take any statements or assertions here about positive or negative experiences with a grain of salt. There have been plenty of shill and smear campaigns for or against many exchanges. These are not threads for user-specific support issues, which should be pursued w/ the respective exchanges ticket/help systems. Megathreads so far (updated Dec 4 2017): Kraken Bitstamp Coinbase/Gdax Bitfinex Poloniex Gemini BitMEX Bittrex More will be created as needed. submitted by /u/deb0rk [link] [comments]
Posted by /u/deb0rk at January 26, 2018 @ https://www.reddit.com/r/BitcoinMarkets/comments/7hi0oq/meta_exchange_issues_megathreads/

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