Mapping out crypto investors

Cryptoassets with their parabolic growth rate and 24/7 trading periods have attracted a slew of new institutions looking to invest in the space. Even with the ongoing bear market, crypto-focused hedge funds are launching at an increasing rate, with recent reports estimating that 90 crypto hedge funds have already launched in the first three quarters of 2018. As such, The Block has decided to take a look at the crypto investment space and map out the players investing in it.

We have categorized the investors in this space into six sub-categories: (1) Traditional venture capitalists, (2) Crypto venture capitalists, (3) Crypto Hedge Funds, (4) Accelerators & Incubators, (5) Companies, and (6) Fund of Funds

Traditional venture capitalists are entities that do not focus exclusively on crypto but have explored investments in the space. These investors typically invest in teams building infrastructure and businesses rather than tokens and look for equity stakes. An example of an infrastructure investment is a crypto exchange or wallet.

  • Union Square Ventures (Dapper Labs, Protocol Labs, OB1)
  • Andreessen Horowitz (Coinbase, Dapper Labs, DFINITY)
  • Draper Associates (Bancor, BitPesa, Tezos)
  • SV Angel (DFINITY, DIRT Protocol, Radar Relay)
  • Lightspeed Venture Partners (Blockchain, LedgerX, Basis)
  • Sequoia Capital (Bitmain, MetaStable, Orchid Labs)
  • Danhua Capital (Digital Horizon Capital) (Brave, Blockfolio, Chia)
  • GGV Capital (TrustToken, The Block)
  • Social Starts (Basis, The Block, The Ocean)

Crypto venture capitalists are entities that focus exclusively on crypto investments. These investors invest in both infrastructure (in the form of equity) and tokens. 

  • Blockchain Capital (Abra, Bitfury, Bitwise)
  • Digital Currency Group (BitGo, Blockstream, Coinbase)
  • Fenbushi Capital (Abra, Parity, Sia)
  • #Hashed (Terra, AirSwap, EOS)
  • Node Capital (aelf, Genaro Network, ChainUP)
  • a16z crypto (DFINITY, MakerDAO, Oasis Labs)
  • Placeholder (Decred)
  • Medici Ventures (T Zero, Ripio, Factom)
  • INBlockchain (Eximchain, ONO Social, AdRealm)
  • Digital Finance Group (Bloq, Brave, RSK)
  • Primitive Ventures 
  • 1confirmation (Basis, dy/dx, Harbor)
  • Blockchange (The Block, Skuchain, Tokenize)
  • Castle Island Ventures (Zenledger, Casa, Dust Identity)

Crypto Hedge Funds actively trade tokens in the space. These investors take long and short positions on specific token projects. Crypto Hedge Funds are both long-term and short-term investors.

  • Scalar Capital
  • Pantera Capital 
  • Polychain Capital
  • Amentum 
  • Alphabit Fund
  • MetaStable Capital
  • Paradigm
  • CoinFund
  • Multicoin Capital
  • Blocktower Capital
  • Tetras Capital 
  • Ikigai Asset Management 

Accelerators & Incubators help new crypto projects develop and grow by providing initial capital and operational support. These investors typically invest in a team and an idea prior to the incorporation of a company.

  • Coinsilium (ICON, Medicalchain, Fantom)
  • 500 startups (Monetizr, Zeuss, Skyllz)
  • Boost VC (The Block, Coinbase, Aragon)
  • ConsenSys (Grid+, MetaMask, Gnosis)
  • Science Blockchain (8base, Springrole,
  • Techstars (Hyperledger, Wala)

Companies invest in crypto projects through investment arms. These investors typically look for investments that could benefit or support their main business. For example, EOS VC invests in projects that are building on the EOS blockchain.

  • Coinbase Ventures (Reserve, The Block, TruStory)
  • Bitmain Technologies (, OB1, Circle)
  • Binance Labs (Oasis Labs, Terra, Republic)
  • Huobi Labs (IOST, DATA, CoinMeet)
  • Xpring
  • EOS VC (Everipedia, High Fidelity)

Fund of Funds invests in crypto hedge funds. These investors allow their limited partners to get diversified exposure to multiple hedge funds and trading styles

  • Vision Hill Advisors 
  • Bitbull Capital 
  • CryptoLux Capital
  • Block Asset Management

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