Mapping out Blockstream


Blockstream is one of the most influential businesses in Bitcoin. The Bitcoin and blockchain technology development firm was founded in 2014 by well-respected cypherpunk, Adam Back, and a host of other prominent Bitcoin developers.

Blockstream has raised over $100M in venture capital funding to develop products and services for Bitcoin. These include the Liquid Network sidechain, its cryptocurrency data feed, and its Blockstream Satellite. 

As part of a new installment of The Block’s “Mapping Out” series, we have compiled a graphical representation of Blockstream’s organization to help our readers explore and discover the people behind some of the largest and most influential firms in the space.¹

¹ We did not include junior members of the Blockstream team in this map. We also note that some Blockstream employees are not publicly disclosed for security reasons.

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Mapping out Blockstream written by Steven Zheng @ February 1, 2019 Steven Zheng

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