Luckchemy Inks Partnership with KrowdMentor


Forging strategic partnerships is an essential aspect of bringing great ideas to life. Which is why Luckchemy, the scalable and provably fair iGaming platform is pleased to announce its collaboration with KrowdMentor, a strategic investment and advisory firm empowering blockchain investors, funds, startups, and entrepreneurs.

A Little Bit About KrowdMentor

KrowdMentor is the collective brainchild of Mike Costache and Brad Yasar. Together, the pair boasts more than 40 years of business experience, from investment banking to startup fundraising. Additionally, both co-founders are highly respected in the blockchain field and are considered international thought leaders. Aside from their collaboration at KrowdMentor, Mike Costache is the CEO of d10e while Brad Yasar is also the co-founder of Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC).

KrowdMentor is known throughout the blockchain industry for its exclusive client list. Therefore, striking a partnership with KrowdMentor is itself a glowing recommendation of the strength of Luckchemy’s business viability. KrowdMentor has an impressive portfolio that encompasses many of the stellar names in the industry, including Tron, Sia, Bancor, TenX, and d10e.

Strategic Gains for The Luckchemy Brand

The partnership with KrowdMentor puts a great deal of experience and business acumen at the disposal of the Luckchemy team. KrowdMentor’s team has an impressive track record of offering robust management and consultancy services to numerous blockchain projects. Luckchemy is looking to leverage this expertise to ensure their ICO develops smoothly and seamlessly.

A successful blockchain enterprise is marked by its ability to meld fundamental technical requirements with robust and well thought out commercial engagement activities. This is where KrowdMentor’s unique blend of services that cut across the entire spectrum of the blockchain industry comes in handy. KrowdMentor will assist Luckchemy in matters relating to ICO fundraising, business communication strategies, technical, as well as business development. With this help, Luckchemy stands to benefit in areas such as investor relationship management, publicity, ICO management, as well as financial analysis and consulting.

The Luckchemy ICO

Many experts believe blockchain technology will disrupt and revolutionize many industries. Luckchemy is an expression of that belief tailored towards delivering a provably fair blockchain-based iGaming experience. Luckchemy offers a complete catalog of top-of-the-line gambling solutions both on legacy platforms and in collaboration with many strategic partners.

Luckchemy strives to deliver on all its stated promises, providing a trusted gaming experience by leveraging trusted blockchain technology protocols. To eliminate many of the challenges iGaming customers usually have, Luckchemy has put in a lot of work ensuring fairness, security, and seamless online payments. By combining cutting-edge blockchain technology and trusted off-chain cryptography, Luckchemy seeks to improve upon the existing iGaming market vastly.

To do this, the Luckchemy ICO is currently in full swing, offering a whopping 40 percent discount on LUK tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the LuckchemyiGaming ecosystem. Now is a great time to get involved in a project backed by two of the blockchain industry’s heaviest hitters, Luckchemy and KrowdMentor and is sure to achieve success.

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