Lucerne Universiy in Switzerland accepts Bitcoin

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Great news for Bitcoin adoption, confidence and exchange rate. Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts is now accepting Bitcoin from student paying their bills.

The press release from the university states:

Blockchain, the technology that facilitates bitcoin transactions, is the focus of research projects and continuing and executive education programmes at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. By accepting the bitcoin cryptocurrency, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts is indicating its ability to disseminate knowledge on cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, as well as its desire to gain experience in the practical aspects of this novel area.

The university has partnered up with Bitcoin Suisse AG that will be accepting Bitcoin from students on the university’s behalf, converting all proceeds to Swiss franks weekly. The payment interface will supposedly resemble an e-banking portal.

The University claims that they are expecting few payments at the beginning, but we all know it’s best to expect the unexpected. Who knows, maybe they will get flooded by cryptocurrency holders that want to get an extra diploma!

All in all several colleges and universities that already accept Bitcoin payments for tuition and/or student books and other bills. They are:

University of Nicosia in Cyprus

The King’s College in USA

FIAP in Brasil

Pompeu Fabra university in Spain (first Bitcoin ATM on campus)

University of Cumbria in UK

Simon Fraser University in Canada

Massachussets Institute of Technology (bookstore)

The list of universities that accept Bitcoin will only grow, so if you are starting a college fund for your kids, buy some Bitcoin and let it age – who knows, maybe by the time your offspring has to go to college that 1 Bitcoin you buy today will be enough for both Bachelor and Master’s degrees?


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