London School of Economics to Offer Online Cryptocurrency Course

London School of Economics to Offer Online Cryptocurrency Course

The London School of Economics, a leading British research university with an esteemed reputation in politics and economics has taken a step into the world of cryptocurrency. According to reports the institution recently started offering an online course on digital currencies running under the name “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption.”

The ABCs of Cryptocurrency

The six-week course – whose first class starts in mid-August – is expected to provide students with practical knowledge on cryptocurrencies together with the “theoretical thought leadership for which LSE is renowned.”

The course information shared on its prospectus details material that is essential to understanding how cryptocurrencies actually work. During the course, students are expected to learn skills on topics like cryptocurrency exchanges, the evaluation of ICO analytics, and the use of cryptocurrency wallets.

Its subject matter is also set to touch on the intersection of traditional finance and cryptocurrency markets in the future, as well as a dive into distributed ledger technology’s potential disruption of business and industries.

The course, however, is not going to provide people with advice on how to invest in cryptocurrencies. Part of the prospectus reads,

During this course you will be provided with the information, knowledge and frameworks to deepen your understanding of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies – how they operate and the implications for business and the economy. You will not be given cryptocurrency investing advice, or investment or financial advice of any nature.

Leading Academic Institutions Follow the Crypto Craze

Leading Academic Institutions Follow the Crypto Craze

Though a first for the London School of Economics, the introduction of courses on cryptocurrency or blockchain technology by a leading university is hardly new or surprising. In fact, it is becoming the norm as interest in the space continues to grow and draw interest from students.

In England, Oxford University already has a six-week blockchain strategy program and in the United States big name universities like Stanford, Duke, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Cornell have also rolled out their own cryptocurrency and blockchain courses.

Campuses Cashing in on Crypto or Teaching the Future?

The massive interest in cryptocurrency courses is understandable considering the massive and rapidly market that already exists around digital currencies.

There can only be more courses emerging in the future and the adoption by major institutions with a reputation in the world of finance and economics is in itself an endorsement of cryptocurrency of sorts.

However, questions have been raised about whether or not courses with titles like “cryptocurrency investment” are just marketing responses to a growing demand which can be cashed in on right now. As cryptocurrency and blockchain studies become more ubiquitous only time will tell.

Do you think academic courses on cryptocurrency are worth pursuing? Would you pay for classes in blockchain technology? Let us know in the comments below.

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