Litecoin debit card – spend your LTC like Charlie Lee

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Ever since Charlie Lee dumped his batch of Litecoin at an all time high price, people wanted to spend and cash out their excess LTC. Spending Litecoin and withdrawing it as fiat cash at ATMs is best done by using a Litecoin debit card.

Here’s a list of options you have for withdrawing Litecoin to cash:

0. Not Uquid.

litecoin debit card not uquid

Ironically Uquid ranks the highest for “ltc debit card” on Google, but their cards are inoperable right now.

Moreover, there have been reports of withdrawal problems at Uquid, so please avoid that service until they figure out how to move on.

1. Wirex

litecoin debit card wirex

Wirex is hands down the best crypto debit card provider for UK and EU residents (EEA countries). The advantages are impressive, including

  • zero fee fiat deposits by bank or credit card (debit or prepaid cards will surely work too)
  • free crypto transfers between users
  • exchanges between your crypto at live rates (Wirex also supports BTC, ETH, and XRP)
  • cryptoback feature that gets 0.5% of all crypto you’ve spent offline back to your wallet (!!!)
  • more (read the full Wirex review)

Sign up to Wirex to spend your LTC with a VISA debit card

…or, you’re interested in the state of all the other Bitcoin debit cards click here to browse our updated comparison. Once another provider comes out with a working Litecoin debit card – we will update the current list. Get notified by email:

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