To Do List of a Guy Who Just Won 37 Bitcoins


A big win on FortuneJack changes everything. That thunderous sound you can hear in the distance? That’s everyone you’ve ever met charging forwards to remind you what great friends they have always been to you. New doors of opportunity are opening everywhere, and there are a dozen business deals a day to choose from. So where should a man with a Bitcoin fortune focus his attention?

ONE: Book a Fortnight at Rehab

Look, we all know the first things that everyone does after a 37 Bitcoin win. We’re all only human. But now you’re awake and sober, it’s time to kick those bad habits to the side and focus on making the most of good fortune.

TWO: Buy Mom a New Washing Machine

It doesn’t have to be a washing machine, but think of something that will make your mom and dad’s life easier and make it your first priority. When good fortune strikes, always look after your nearest and dearest first.

THREE: Ask Jack Who His Accountant Is

Sorry to be a downer, but big winnings attract big attention from you know who. Be smart and find a skilled professional to help you minimize the expenses that come with having money.

FOUR: Buy a F$&in’ Big House

Property remains the most sensible investment you can choose, and the higher up the property ladder you can leap, the better your investment is likely to do. And unlike gold, you can live in this asset.

FIVE: Balance Your Portfolio

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban offers some sound investment advice. Spend 10% of your money on cool stuff and having fun. Put 40% into low-risk investments, put another 40% into medium risk, and then you can have 10% for very high-risk speculation.

SIX: Hit Up Phil About that Poker Game

The Bay Area special, hosted by Phil Melmuth, is the poker game every tech mogul wants in on. Call bluff on Jason Calacanis and match pairs with Zynga founder Mark Pincus. But watch your bets, players have been known to lose $32k in a session. And remember, the poker table is where the real business deals get done.

SEVEN: Put Your Heart and Soul into a Good Cause

Your priest will tell you a gift to charity pleases God, but neuroscience tells us that generosity, especially giving to those in need, reinforces the pathways in our brain that lead to happiness. The best advice says always put 12% of what comes from above, into helping those below you.

EIGHT Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Why did Bill Gates quit Microsoft to build the Gates foundation?  Why does Elon Mush spend billions on space rockets? Because unless you use your money to change the world, it’s just keeping score.

Do you agree with this list? What would you do if you won 37 Bitcoins? Let us know in the comments below.

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