Last Chance to Join DineroONE Token Presale, a Revolutionary Product That Will Create a €45 Billion Worth Industry


DineroONE aims to modernize payment methods and solutions for all businesses with its intelligent cash drawer. Its token pre-sale begins on March 1st.

The DineroONE start-up already raised €1 million in funding from private investors for their innovative all-in-one, pay-everywhere solution, even before their Token Presale.


A prospective company from Croatia aims to modernize existing payment methods, facilitate cash flow monitoring for business entities, and offer new payment solutions to consumers.

Businesses dealing daily with cash are well acquainted with the problem of discrepancy between numbers shown in their invoicing software and money actually located in their cash drawers/cashiers.

One of the main features of the DineroONE product is to solve this problem by automatic cash counting and real-time reporting to its owners.

The DineroONE Intelligent cash drawer will also provide cryptocurrency and card payment options, offer their own software solutions for tracking all of the transactions (withdrawing and depositing cash in the cash drawer, cryptocurrency and card transactions), and provide default invoicing software solutions. We can say for sure that DineroONE will be the enabler of cryptocurrency payments in the real world.

DineroONE is one of the very few token crowdsale projects that is creating a hardware solution, and although seed funds are already raised, the production of the whole system is capital intensive.

Dinero Tokens will be created for the new round of capital-raising where investors (Token holders) will became shareholders of the company, which will develop and sell the DineroONE Intelligent drawer and its services.


The Dinero Token Presale is scheduled for March 1st, with a hard cap of €2 million or 7 days period, whichever comes first.

During the presale an exclusive 50% bonus will be available to all participants (investors). Whitelist now while there are still open places!

DineroONE, an extensively demanded solution of every industry (restaurants, shops, cafés, bakeries, etc.), aims to create a €45 billion worth industry and become an efficient, affordable, and easy way to manage businesses’ flow of cash, cryptocurrency, and card transactions.


Marija Zeljko, founder of the project, said:

According to the time we live in and available technology, our desire is to create a solution that will change previous experience with payment transactions and push it into the new era. Every one of us has been in touch with payment systems in various situations, but we don’t actually think about the process behind. Our goal is to improve that everyday process in order to save valuable time and extend the possibilities to match the modern lifestyle.

Images courtesy of DineroONE.

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