KuCoin Announced The Listing Of A New Promising Token Constellation DAG


KuCoin announces that another significant project got listed on their state-of-the-art platform. The altcoin is called Constellation DAG,  a Blockchain Microservice Operating System.

Deposits are now available with buying schedule commencing at 17:30 (UTC+8) while Selling and Withdrawal at 18:00 (UTC+8). Supported pairs include DAG/BTC, DAG/ETH, and DAG/NEO.

About Constellation DAG

Constellation is a horizontally scalable blockchain (DAG / ExtendedTrustChain) operating system with smart contracts as microservices. It began with a group that was operating on Rakugo, a decentralized content platform developed on Ethereum. Throughout that project, the team concluded that the bandwidth and throughput restrictions of Ethereum were the more significant problems to resolve, according to a statement. They restructured under a new name and initiated out to build a blockchain that scaled better than the Bitcoin or Ethereum protocols.

Fundamentals of DAG

The commitment of Constellation’s strategy is laced with that of DAG, which is also the name of their stable coin. It is functionally a more powerful blockchain choice built on non-linear verification. According to Token Report research, DAG has been about since 2015 and gained some interest in the token economies being created for the Internet of Things devices. In their white paper, Constellation promotes their “hylochain” as being proficient of throughput of 4800 transactions per second with a comparison to 15 on the Ethereum blockchain and four on bitcoin.

The Network’s Blockchain

Constellation’s other program for scalability is to develop the networks blockchain as a hierarchy of sub-nets, each running their own consensus. Each sub-net generates a block hash and sends it to the parent net.

Extended trust chain

There are various node types, each with their function in the network to asynchronously manage different features of the protocol.

Gossip protocol

Provides for large networks to interact total network state at scale. Each member of the network preserves track of its neighbors, and when it accepts new messages, it broadcasts that message to all of its neighbors in turn.


Various node processes that perform consensus on transactions. Stars -> Star clusters -> Galaxies – > Black holes


The agent selection model for Constellation. It is issued and combines a nodes history, behavior and overall reliability within the system to determine the possibility of being chosen for consensus. It is a trust-based system – good actors get rewarded, bad actors loose reputation.


1`Constellation Labs see to attract big business. The application of JVM, specifically Scala as the programming language for their platform design will allow applications to be built using Java, which is the industry standard in the big data community.


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