Keplertek’s Highly Anticipated Pre-Sale About to Begin — 1/3 of All Available Tokens Already Reserved


Five days ago, Keplertek began taking reservations for the four million KEP tokens available in its upcoming pre-sale — which will likely be another resounding success for the promising startup. 

Huge Demand

Over one-third of all tokens allocated to this stage have already been reserved, indicating a huge demand for the project — even before the start of its pre-sale. With only two more days to go until the start of this highly anticipated occasion, 1.35 million of the total 4 million KEP tokens have already been claimed.

Investors will be able to reserve tokens until 5 PM GMT on Tuesday, May 29th – when the sale officially starts.


Keplertek had decided to offer an additional 5 percent bonus to all investors who purchase the full number of tokens they reserved during this process, on top of the generous 30 percent bonus that is already applied to all investments during this stage of the pre-ICO. Taking advantage of this considerable bonus is a huge opportunity, and eager investors likely won’t want to miss the chance to partake in one of the most exciting ICOs in years.

In theory, the sale should last until June 19th. However, it is a strong possibility that all tokens will be sold out well before the end date. The ICO is set to start immediately afterward, taking place in three different stages.

Illustrating Trust

Besides having a large office with over 50 hard-working employees, Keplertek has also become well-known for its solid online presence — which is a strong indicator of a trustworthy and serious project.

Keplertek’s Telegram community is already over 86,000 members strong and is the go-to place to stay up to date on current developments, in addition to certain perks such as airdrops, quizzes, and giveaways. The dedicated community managers have proven themselves happy to assist with any and all questions regarding the project itself, and there is always someone available to hold interesting discussions with about anything and everything related to cryptocurrency in general.

Keplertek is also very active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and wants to offer investors the unique opportunity to get to know the team behind the project. This transparent approach further highlights Kepler’s commitment and devotion to creating a great community in which innovation can steadily blossom.

Kepler’s team is currently in Berlin, Germany, for Blockshow Europe, one of the continent’s leading blockchain conferences, which is currently underway. The team has already been able to forge strong partnerships through this hands-on approach in the past, with the focus being now firmly set on trying to expand the network of advisors and investors even further, in order to create the best organizational structure possible.

Interested investors won’t want to miss this special chance to be one of the earliest investors in what will soon be one of the most popular projects in the cryptocurrency market. Contribute to the creation of the future and benefit from the chance of getting a gigantic 35 percent bonus!

What do you think of Keplertek and the high-demand for the project’s tokens? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Keplertek.

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