Kepler Pre-Sale White Listing Now Underway


The gates of Kepler Technologies pre-sale white listing were opened on May 23 and it is currently possible for investors from all around the world to take part.

In order to participate, all you need to do is register and get whitelisted and then reserve the amount of KEP you are planning on buying during this stage. The pre-sale will begin on May 29 and last for three weeks, ending on June 19. There is a total amount of 4,000,000 KEP tokens for sale that will be topped off with a 30% bonus on all purchases.

The minimum investment amount is just 0.2 ETH and there is no maximum, making this a great opportunity for you to be part of something big. There is no guarantee as to when the tokens available during this stage will be sold out, so you better move quick. If Kepler’s Community Building Stage, during which Kepler was able to raise 2.7 million USD in an initial round of funding, is anything to go by, they will be in very high demand!

After already attending multiple conferences in international technology hotspots such as Hong Kong and Dubai, there are even busier days ahead for Kepler’s dedicated and hard-working team, as they will be attending Blockchaineum, central Europe’s biggest blockchain conference in Budapest, as well as traveling to Berlin for Blockshow Europe. These conferences have allowed Kepler’s charismatic leadership to forge partnerships that span the globe and ensure for Kepler to get the international recognition it deserves.

The main purpose of Kepler is the utilization of its platform, Kepler Universe. In the past, many great ideas weren’t able to be realized due to a lack of funding or a seemingly never-ending quest to find the right people for the job – this is where Kepler comes in. Kepler Universe is a vast ecosystem in which developers, investors, and innovators will finally be able to connect with like-minded individuals to realize projects in the fields of Robotics and AI. Smart Contracts and the use of a Special Purpose Entity under European jurisdiction for all deals protect the user’s best interests through technology and the law.

By investing in Kepler, you pave the way for a bright and technically-advanced future. Many industries, including medicine, energy, and agriculture, can benefit greatly from the opportunities offered by Kepler and even private households will be able to purchase robots and AI subscriptions with the purpose of reducing the many obstacles in everyday life. An investment in Kepler is not only that, but also an investment in hundreds of promising start-ups with world-changing ideas that might otherwise never be realized.

Keplertek invites investors from all over the world to invest in its progressive and revolutionary approach to change our future for the better!

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