Justin Sun Retweets Ledger Nano S’ Invite, Tron (TRX) to Finally Get Added


The popular hardware wallet Ledger Nano S. tweeted a response for an invitation to Tron developers to “get in touch”. Things seem to progress as Justin Sun retweeted Ledger and as a way acknowledged Tron enthusiasts’ call to Justin to reach out. We might just see Ledger adding Tron in no time that might further drive the green TRX prices.

Tron making Progress on Ledger Nano S.

Justin Sun, the founder, and CEO of Tron retweeted the response of Ledger Nano S. that invited the Tron developers for a meetup.

It all started when someone asked Ledger if support for Tron can be expected soon. Now, with Justin’s retweet, looks like we might be seeing a TRX support soon enough.

ledger nano s

Recently, Tron launched its mainnet and is looking forward to its independence on June 24 as ERC20 TRX tokens will be migrated to its own blockchain. Though many big exchanges like Binance, Huobi, OKEx among others support this swap, there are wallets and exchanges that have yet to offer their support.

The tweet by Ledger Wallet showed their interest in joining the Tron developers to evaluate the complexities of the new blockchain.

Justin Sun has always been extremely active and vocal in support of Tron and earlier has also asked the contributors and developers to support the mainnet launch so that the transition could be made easier.

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Tron looking ahead

Ledger Nano S. is one of the most popular hardware wallets in the crypto market. However, the wallet supports only a limited number of coins which Tron is planning to become a part of.

If Tron does get added, it will become further gain credibility that can potentially boost its market. Tron would also reach to a much larger audience.

Tron enthusiasts were definitely elated with this possibility as one user commented,

“Awesome to see you guys incorporating interesting new options, seems like TRX is a great choice, since it is one of the trading volume leaders on nearly every exchange. Everyone will want to keep their TRX on a #LedgerWallet! Off to buy more #TRX and a #LedgerWallet to store it!”

Another Tron enthusiast shared, “Great News, I hope soon..:))”

While some were quick to remind Justin to contact Ledger, as one user here did “@justinsuntron and @Tronfoundation , Please take a moment to get in touch!”

This retweet by Justin certainly indicates that he heard the request of Tron enthusiasts which means support could be coming soon.

Tron mainnet launch might not have been able to garner the price attention but it is surely attracting the crypto community.

At the time of writing, Tron has been at $0.0445 with a gain of 8.56 percent in the last 24 hours. With Odyssey 2.0 coming up in the next quarter, Tron is up for more attention and exposure.

Do you think Ledger Nano S. will be adding Tron sooner than later? Share your thoughts with us!

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