JP Morgan CEO Dimon Calls Bitcoin “Fraud”. Internet’s Wittiest and Angriest Responses

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CEO of JP Morgan Jamie Dimon gave an interesting interview where he, among other things, claimed that Bitcoin “is a fraud” that will go down at some point.

Yeah, it’s that very bank that was one of the key participants in the financial crisis and then went through government bailout.

Seconds after the interview, hilarity ensued.

We’ve waited for a day to gather the juiciest reactions to Dimon’s statements on Twitter, Reddit, and Facebok and put together this list of the best reactions to the “Bitcoin is a fraud” claim by Jamie Dimon.

The full list is below, split into topical groups, dealing with

JP Morgan Chase background

(the full list of JP Morgan abuses comes handy):

Dimon’s previous unsuccessful forecasts:

Charges, fines and other products of …actual fraud:

Hypocrisy of JP Morgan as a an actual Blockchain adopter:

Possible plan to bring BTC price down to buy a lot:


Many have interpreted Dimon’s bashing as a buy signal

coming from the fact that brick and mortar banks oppose the newer cryptocurrency technology as much as they can:



What is your opinion on Dimon’s words? What’s his primary motivation? Share in the comments!

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