McAfee Asks People to Get Real, Bitcoin Dropping But 140% Increase to Last Year


Bitcoin prices yet again tumble down to just above $6k level as the entire crypto market sees red. However, crypto influencer, John McAfee isn’t affected as he asks people to get real and stop the short-term thinking as Bitcoin has actually risen 140 percent to last year.

Bitcoin close to $6k, John McAfee says “stop the short term thinking”

Since yesterday, Bitcoin prices have been sliding down constantly. The entire crypto market is actually experiencing the deep red. At the time of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) has been at $6,124 with a loss of 0.85 percent. Yesterday, the prices dipped down somewhere between 3 to 5 percent.

But famous crypto influencer John McAfee is not at all feeling the blues rather he is asking the people to get real. Despite being in the hospital bed, McAfee shared his sentiments and don’t want people to get concerned about the market drop.

In his true McAfee style, he says, “Get real”. He brought forward the statistics to press his point and compared the current price of Bitcoin to last year’s.

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John McAfee sticks to his $15k in July

This surely had the attention of the people as they shared their sentiments as well. One Twitter user commented: “Have my $btc locked away will not be going near it for 2-3 years is the plan unless it gets life-changing high for me.”

Another one shared,

“Thanks John, I am telling same thing to those who haven’t had any BTC before Dec 2017 and now crying about the price! just buy same amount of BTC you bought in Dec 2017 and let it stay at your wallet for few years…”

Well, people also reminded McAfee his Bitcoin price prediction of $15k. One user asked:

“John, what happened to your algorithms for July? Still sticking with them?” To which he replied a simple, “yes”.

There is no set pattern in the crypto industry, what might be expected to drive the prices up can end up either tanking the prices or have no effect at all. As for the current red market scenario, it could be because of a number of reasons such as Japan authorities getting stricter on crypto exchanges and Zebpay, popular Indian crypto wallet service provider, sending notices to crypto investors of the potential halt of fiat deposit and withdrawal services.

It has also been expected by industry experts that bitcoin prices might hit the lowest of this month before it gains traction and rises again.

Do you think the drop in prices is not as disturbing a scenario as it has been made so? Share your views in the comment section below!

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Written by Anjali Tyagi @ June 23, 2018 Anjali Tyagi

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