Japan’s Module Platform Offers Users the Chance to Earn Cryptocurrency with Their Gadgets

Japan’s Module Platform Offers Users the Chance to Earn Cryptocurrency with Their Gadgets

The company has already collected more than $2 million through a private sale of its coins. This is not surprising, as this platform has the potential to turn the cryptocurrency market on its head in several different ways: secure mining, storage of a large amount of data using gadgets around the world, and financing of blockchain through the creation and development of decentralized applications (DApps).

As more and more people get interested in blockchain and become familiar with this technology, the need on the market for projects that offer users simple funding solutions is gradually growing. Module was devised specifically to help people launch their businesses on blockchain using its convenient platform for creating decentralized applications (DApps), its high-speed and inexpensive set of solutions, and its honest and understandable mining.

Considering that the number of mobile subscribers has already surpassed the number of people on the planet, we would be remiss to not use the free memory of gadgets to earn money. What could be easier than renting out your unneeded megabytes and receiving cryptocurrency in return? This is just the opportunity that Module offers, and this solution could bring a huge number of new users who never even thought about the existence of digital currencies before to the cryptocurrency market.

“Purchasing tokens of the Module project is the easiest way to begin your journey into the world of blockchain, as these tokens are interesting not only to end consumers but also to market professionals. You rent out the free space on your gadgets, and through this, you mine MODL coins. It’s as easy as two plus two,” comments project advisor, blockchain guru, serial entrepreneur, and ICOBox co-founder Nick Evdokimov.

The Module technology drives the development of new, much improved types of blockchain compared to those currently available on the market.

Evdokimov also notes that the project will be useful to market professionals, as it allows for the creation of a data warehouse and smart contracts to ensure the security of users. The entire data file will be stored in a special cloud on the blockchain, with access being completely controlled by the user.

In addition, project clients will have a “secret sharing” capabilities (secret sharing is a method for distributing sensitive information for access to a good or service among a group of participants, each of whom gets their own part of the access key — author’s note), which is one of the most secure systems of fraud protection around today.

The Module token presale begins on July 15. For its ICO the project has reached an agreement with ICOBox, the largest provider of SaaS solutions for the launch and holding of initial coin offerings.

You can find more information on the Module platform on its official website at https://modltoken.io/.

What are your thoughts on the Module platform? Would you rent out the unused GB on your mobile devices in exchange for cryptocurrency? Let us know in the comments below.

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