‘I’ve Got More Money Than Your Country,’ Craig Wright Tells Rwanda


NChain CTO and self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin Craig Wright has told members of a conference in Rwanda that he “has more money than their country.”

Wright: ‘Quite Frankly,’ I’m Richer Than You

Speaking at the Transform Africa Summit 2018 in the capital of Kigali, Wright made various assertions about his abilities to transform Africa using blockchain technology.

The remarks formed part of a presentation titled “Bitcoin Cash: The Cryptocurrency & Blockchain For Africa.”

Wright, who is known to be infamously outspoken, has caused anger in the cryptocurrency industry on multiple occasions through the use of coarse language to support claims such as altcoin Bitcoin Cash’s superiority over Bitcoin and that he is the latter’s founder, Satoshi Nakamoto.

In Kigali, the Australian businessman appeared to continue the same traditions.

“The fact of the matter on this is you can open up and allow free trade, you can open up and allow your country to be more, or you can wait and hand money to a whole lot of people,” he told the audience, comparing himself to blockchain payments network Stellar. He then added this bombshell:

And I’ll say this quite frankly because I’ve got more money than your country.

Africa Looks Forward to ’20-30 Years’ Of Wright

The comments continue to resurface on social media after the conference, which ended May 10th, with Twitter analyst Dennis Parker describing Wright as a “scammer, blowhard, psychopath and fake satoshi.”

Seemingly unfazed by his tone, Wright nonetheless sought to reassure audience members of his providence.


“I’m here for the long term, I’m going to be here in twenty, thirty years, and eventually – I don’t care what you say – I’m going to be having solutions you’re using,” he had announced prior to the remarks about his personal wealth.

In April, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin publicly berated Wright at another conference, openly calling him a “fraud” and questioning “why he was allowed to speak” at the event.

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