Is legit or a scam?

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If you’re just trying to get a piece of pie with Bitcoin and looking to buy Bitcoin online you’ve surely come across LocalBitcoins. It’s a marketplace/escrow service that matches people willing to buy and sell Bitcoin in specific locations worldwide, making sure that the deals are run safely with their buyer and seller protection mechanisms.

The official address is LocalBitcoins.Com. However, you may have come across another domain name with the site that looks exactly the same: LocalBitcoins.Net. Knowing about the danger of phishing many people have been wondering whether is a legit address for the same service. Luckily, the company are here to clear any doubts:


Max is a community manager at the official LocalBitcoins subreddit, so no phishing here. Surely the company could’ve listed all the official mirrors of their site somewhere in a knowledgebase but that’s up to them.

When in doubt, just always go tohttps://localbitcoins.comand always make sure you’re sending your login information through the HTTPS protocol (click the address bar in your browser to check for that).

Stay vigilant!

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  2. Leo says

    A unique extended validation (EV) certificate covering both domains would be great

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