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We have an important series of clarifications and updates for you. These have received significant discussion within the moderation group, and we feel that these are important for our subreddit and the cryptocurrency community.

/r/CryptoCurrency is a subreddit where people can participate in a quality discussion regarding a wide range of activities and coins. One important aspect of this avoiding vote manipulation. This is when one community actively encourages people to manipulate the votes, comments, and presence on our subreddit. This process is against Reddit’s rules, and our subreddit takes meaningful action to make sure a diverse set of projects are represented.

In addressing these concerns, we have made the following changes:

  1. Posts on the frontpage are significantly less likely to be marked controversial, locked, and manually sorted. These changes have been active for some time, and you should have already seen an improvement. We are monitoring several posts on a case-by-case basis to make sure very few posts have action taken against them, and that these actions do not unfairly target certain communities.

  2. We have undertaken an active role in communicating with other subreddits and cryptocurrency communities. This allows us to effectively communicate our policies, listen to feedback, and more quickly respond to grievances. When we work together, we can improve the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

  3. We have created /r/CryptoCurrencyMeta, where users can politely discuss possible rule changes and make recommendations. Make sure to read the guides on the subreddit there before posting or commenting.

  4. We have decided to take action against certain projects that purposefully manipulate the content on our subreddit. While /r/CryptoCurrency is a place for all project discussion, this mission is undermined if a specific few unfairly control this narrative and drone out other discussion.

The rest of this post will discuss what action we have taken against one project in particular: VeChain (VEN).

VeChain has used their official channels to attack this subreddit. Admins in their channels directly link to posts here in /r/CryptoCurrency and elsewhere, asking their followers to upvote and comment on content. They ignore others’ attempts to promote the same brigading behavior.

We were tipped off to this violation of rules through the moderation communication system we set up as described in #2. We then joined these communities and collected substantial evidence. The moderation team collected, examined, and deliberated on evidence from admins and other users in the official chat. We concluded the evidence was significant, so we decided to take action.

The moderation team has laid out the following plan of action for communicating with projects if there is evidence of brigading:

  1. Collect evidence of brigading.

  2. Politely communicate with the platform moderators/admins, making sure they understand the rules when linking to our subreddit.

  3. Make sure that the team makes progress in 1) not asking for upvotes and using no-participation mode, 2) removing posts from other members encouraging brigading, and 3) making clear that brigading is unacceptable.

We have used this process to communicate with other communities with positive impact. So far every community we spoke with was very polite and happily agreed to work with our community to reduce brigading. Save for one.

A representative from the moderation team sent a cordial message to admin representatives of the official VeChain chat, reminding them of the rules and asking to work with them towards a better cryptocurrency ecosystem.

In response, the representative was banned from the community, and an admin responded with the following message:

You expect us to mod according to some other community’s wishes? We can’t change what people post. Reddit is not an omni-God, mr. [SURNAME] .

We don’t wish to tell other groups how to moderate their individual community groups. However, if they operate their communities with the intent of attacking and manipulating ours, we must take action.

Based on the history of brigading we have seen from the VeChain community and their complete unwillingness to cooperate, we are hereby prohibiting discussion regarding VeChain on this subreddit and our Discord for one month.

We will continue to try and communicate with this community to communicate our standards. If we believe that progress is being made, we will lift some restrictions. Otherwise, we can decide to continue them.

We hate to have to do this at all. Unfortunately, it’s the only way that we can currently make sure that this community isn’t unfairly dominating the subreddit. Those who wish to discuss VeChain are able to in /r/VeChain.

This post is purposefully locked. Please place your constructive comments in the identical post in /r/CryptoCurrencyMeta.

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Written by /u/CryptoCurrencyMod @ February 6, 2018 /u/CryptoCurrencyMod

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