ICO With Crypto / Earn Passive Crypto-Income with AirPod – the World’s Best Sleeping Pod


AirPod is making it possible to earn passively with its native token APOD. With the pre-sale rapidly approaching, the project will provide its contributors with a way to earn serious, stable, and regular, month-over-month passive income through an ICO that’s entirely immune to bear market trends. The project’s unique ecosystem will help it shape up one of the most lucrative and reliable business opportunities out there.

AirPod will avail its native token called APOD. While its main function shall be to be used as payment for using the AirPod Capsule, the project’s flagship product and pillar, it will also allow its holders to earn serious passive income.

Introducing the Sponsorship Program

APOD token holders will be given an incredible opportunity for earning stable passive crypto-income. One year after the project is launched, or after the 400thAirPod has been installed, the Sponsorship phase shall be availed, enabling token holders to exchange their APOD tokens for the right to share in the profits which are generated from an AirPod Unit.

Every single participant in the ICO who’s holding APOD tokens will be able to become a sponsor of a particular AirPod unit. He would be allowed to earn up to 80% of the profits generated by that unit on a month-over-month basis.

Only APOD tokens may be used to take part in the Sponsorship Program and only APOD tokens are to be paid out to the sponsors in order to create a stable internal ecosystem which is immune to the volatility of the outside market.

Additional sponsorships may be created as well. In other words – users will be able to share in the profits from multiple AirPods, hence gravely capitalizing on the opportunity to increase their monthly passive crypto-income.

At the same time, sponsorship participants will have the chance to invest in any future deals of a particular AirPod Unit. They will also be able to trade or sell their shares to anyone when and if they find it convenient.

Comprehensive Access and Complete Transparency

AirPod’s Sponsorship Program will be accessible through its native DApp. Token holders will receive instant access to all the necessary information. They’ll be able to examine different AirPod locations, figure out their performance and make the best, fully-informed decision on which unit to sponsor. Once they’ve made up their mind, participants in the program will only have to sign the Smart Contract and begin earning their passive monthly crypto-income.

It’s really that simple.

But wait… there’s more! The platform has gone above and beyond to guarantee the complete transparency of the unit’s performance. Blockchain-based technology, as well as the usage of smart contracts, will grant sponsorship participants with an absolute overview of each unit’s business.

AirPod – More Than Just a Place to Relax

While it’s true that AirPod’s mission is to eliminate all the hassle and bustle that travelers have to go through at the airport, waiting for their delayed flights, it’s also bringing tremendous additional value to its ICO contributors.

With the lucrative Sponsorship Program, AirPod enables its participants to tackle a very serious underlying issue that millions of people are having to deal with on a daily basis while, at the same time, allowing them to earn a stable and passive crypto-income on a monthly basis.

You can find out more about the project on their official website, Facebook, Twitter, or follow the live discussion on Telegram.

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