I run a airport shuttle bus in Australia and put a ‘Bitcoin accepted here’ sign in the bus. This is what most people think.


I have had the sign up for about 8 months. My passengers are mainly 35 y/o +

85% of passengers make a remark about the sign and are suprised to see it. They say I am the first person they have seen that accepts Bitcoin as payment.

Nearly all of those passenger have heard of it prior to seeing the sign but are confused about it and have been wrongly informed. Common remarks are “how do you give me change from a $10,000 coin?” “It’s easy for hackers to steal all the coins” “how do you even pay with Bitcoin?”.

As a Bitcoin/crypto supporter I feel I need to do my part in educating people and keep spreading the good word of our Bitcoin overlord.

The sign is a great conversation starter and even though no one has paid me with crypto (yet) I look forward to the day it happens.

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