is Changing How People Broker Work Relationships [Interview]

Bitcoinist recently caught up with Vlad Dobrynin, CEO and Founder of, to discuss his project and the future of the blockchain space. Here’s what he had to say.

Q: For our readers who have never heard of, please tell us a bit about the project. is an advanced, data-driven platform developed for the purpose of connecting people and organizations. The essence of the platform is matching task-givers with executors without the involvement of any third parties. One of the key features of the platform is the compilation of a massive databank of people and their skills.

Modern online services that index websites rather than people are substantially inferior to and its concept. Google does not search for people, unlike Networks like LinkedIn are an alternative, but they do not allow for wholesome communication and immediate matching of employee skills and requirements from potential employers. Facebook and other social networks are in a different league, as they are marred by their own issues, such as immense numbers fake accounts and the almost complete lack of professional attributes that can be sought or verified.

Humans is fully people-oriented. Its focus is matching people who are both seeking and providing services. The array of skills that can be placed up for demand is endless and spans everything from gardeners and nannies to high-end financial consultants. The key attribute of the platform is that is secure and all the data available on it can be verified and traced to specific individuals who thus have a chance of monetizing their skills. Having a platform built on the basis of human interaction for the purpose of serving other people is the essence of

Q: Where did you come up with the idea for

The creation of is the result of the work of a large team of experts and professionals in blockchain and information technology. We are very picky when it comes to development and each of us brought their own best ideas, valuable skills and unique knowledge to the project. Now, when the network is running and helping people, the team is working on the introduction of blockchain technologies. This will allow us to improve the level of service, reliability and security of the platform. Everyone can see how we will achieve this, it’s all in the white paper.

Each person out there was faced with the need to solve everyday tasks, conducting job searches, and dealing with customers and contractors. The solutions presented on the market are not perfect, as in some cases the commission of the platform is higher than the cost of the services themselves, which is reflected in demand. We think that every consumer and seller is interested in the best conditions. If we remove the commission, we get not only a lower final cost of services, but also a higher benefit for the seller. This is what we think about when working on

Q: is the only such platform that features no fees. That’s great — but how do you make money?

The ecosystem is based on two main principles. There are no middlemen and no fees. Our service gives both parties to a transaction more freedom when communicating directly. Compared to typical social media networks, this is a huge plus. The peer-to-peer architecture that we have powered through the merger of blockchain and AI reduces the involvement of third parties and this, in turn, eliminates the need for middlemen. This is what peer-to-peer really means, or we often say human-to-human. As for monetization, the main source of income for the platform will be advertising. The Humans platform brokers meaningful social interaction and also shares revenue with users. Revenue is generated by advertisements and platform users are able to select which ad content is presented to them, that is made possible by machine learning algorithms.

Q: How does blockchain technology factor into the platform?

The company aspires to build the world’s largest decentralized peer-to-peer network that validates user profiles and credentials through machine learning. This is a next generation ecosystem with built-in artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and DNA-based verification. This approach will change the way humans live in the peer-to-peer interaction era. It will change how we work and deal with each other, providing real-time proof of work.

There is no system or ecosystem in the world right now that allows users to solve any task at any time. Technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain all open up new horizons and create new opportunities that will fundamentally change the way humans interact. We believe machine learning will help people to obtain relevant search results, employee credentials and the platform will offer bespoke advertising packages. Blockchain will assure the authenticity of

Humans decentralized peer-to-peer network will change who people broker work relationships with each and provides real-time proof of work. We believe machine learning will help humans (or people?) to obtain relevant search results, employee credentials and the platform will offer bespoke advertising packages. Blockchain will assure the authenticity of

This is the main idea behind our project which is based on the combination of these three innovations.

Q: Can payments be made using cryptocurrencies, or only fiat?

Now the platform allows making payments and accepts fiat money. We have never sought to ride the hype wave of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, but are rather striving to achieve great things. As such, we are acting exclusively in the legislative field. In 2019, it will become possible to use cryptocurrencies inside the platform when purchasing a service. Blockchain will help make this part of the reputation system workable and will bring security to the platform as a whole.

Q: What are your plans for over the next decade?

Our plans are to make the world better! The team is working to make people happy. In our office in New York, we believe that it is this approach to developing and running a business that will make Humans the largest decentralized peer-to-peer network in the world.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, we intend to overcome the million active users landmark, and by the end of 2020, to achieve a significant increase in users due to the launch of a number of unique services, such as HumansMusic, HumansTaxi, HumansNews, etc. We offer members of the cryptocurrency community not to take our word for it, but to follow our development along the roadmap that is available on our website. Come in, ask questions, use the platform – it’s free and without any commissions, because we are working for humans.

Q: What is the biggest challenge facing, currently?

The biggest challenge we are confronted with at the moment is developing an artificial intelligence-based data index and reputation system. Our development team is currently working on implementing these technologies. Our project is one of the complicated engineering endeavors in the world right now, because it employs cutting-edge technologies. While this may sound strange, few companies are considering the capacity of machine learning on human preferences and the use of a search engine drive identification system. But we are implementing it.

Seriously, this is an amazing task and we have made significant progress in solving it. We are also encouraged by the progress and are in anticipation of what DNA identification will give people all over the world.

Q: Where do you see the blockchain space in 10 years?

I believe in the great value and the benefits that blockchain technology will bring. Of course, the technological and social processes of the present still need to mature to ascertain the full value of blockchain. This technology is no doubt ahead of its time.

We have real blockchain-enthusiasts in our team who cannot be separated from the code when they are writing programs. It is wonderful that we live in the heyday of blockchain technologies and I am happy for the younger generations who will live in a safer and more secure world.

We believe that in less than a decade our platform could be an essential tool used by HR professionals and freelancers alike. Right now, there is a growing high need for focusing on the belief that humans matter most in working conditions, not just technology. We are only trying to impose technology as an engineering tool for making humanization valuable for others.

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