How to cash out XRP – Withdraw Ripple directly to fiat and save on exchange fees

Updated October 5 2018

If you’ve been holding a large amount of Ripple XRP coin and looked for a way to sell it for USD – starting today there is a great new way of cashing out. Instead of exchanging it to the more liquid BTC and then sending to bank accounts you can spend XRP directly through a prepaid card.

Wirex, the first company to introduce a working crypto debit card after the WaveCrest ban, has just added XRP to their accounts’ platform. What this means is all you need to do is order a card, send your XRP to your Wirex app wallet and spend it at POS terminals or withdraw as cash at ATMs.

Apart from introducing the first working XRP debit card in 2018, Wirex boasts of an impressive cryptoback feature: 0.5% of all the crypto you spend at POS terminals (stores or cafes) is getting credited back to your account:

wirex cryptoback feature get cashback on bitcoin spending at pos terminals

Wirex currently ships cards to residents of EEA, which makes it the best Bitcoin debit card for UK and EU. Canda support is coming in 2018 (they’ve secured a license already), so if you need to cash out XRP in Canada Wirex is your go-to service as well.

If you live in other regions of the world you won’t be able to withdraw XRP this way yet, but Wirex plan to expand operation to the whole world so it’s worth registering anyway. For now you can still use another crypto prepaid card from this list, converting your XRP to BTC and then spending through the debit cards.

Here’s how to get your card for direct XRP spending and withdrawals to cash (USD, EUR, GBP or any other local currency):

1. Sign up to Wirex

sign up to wirex for xrp withdrawals to cash

2. Verify your profile with just two documents

verify wirex account to withdraw xrp ltc or btc to cash

3. Order your prepaid crypto card in preferred currency:order prepaid plastic card for XRP withdrawals

That’s it, once you’ve gotten your card (should not take more than a couple of weeks), you can spend your XRP (or BTC and LTC for that matter) for everyday purchases offline and ATM withdrawals. The card balance can be equivalent to 15K USD at any time, the load and spend amounts are unlimited, and allowed ATM withdrawals are at $250 daily (read the full Wirex review for more fee info). Spending your Ripple coins is a lot more convenient at offline POS terminals, because then you’re also getting 0.5% of it back to your wallet.

Sign up for a Wirex card


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