How To Become A FinTech Giant In Under A Year: The Story Of NAGA


NAGA has been dedicated to developing an array of new products to furnish its widely expanding decentralized global ecosystem. It currently boasts seven working financial products, with another six that will be available soon. 


The NAGA COIN (NGC) is the lifeblood of the NAGA Ecosystem. NGC can be used across the platform and offers a number of benefits for those who use and hold it.

NGC is currently trading around $0.31 per token and is listed on popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex, OKEx, Upbit, and HitBTC.


At the helm of the NAGA Ecosystem, NAGA TRADER is a global market trading platform with a focus on community and sharing.

Investors and enthusiasts are even incentivized to share their wisdom and experiences through a reward earning system.

The NAGA COIN’s full potential can be unlocked on the NAGA TRADER platform. Users of NAGA TRADER have access to more than 700 assets including stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, futures, and commodities.

Using NGC on NAGA TRADER provides investors with a wide range of benefits, including:

●   Reduced trading fees on NAGA TRADER, as well as on every asset using an NGC account. For example, NGC users will pay 50% less on trading commissions for each trade they perform on NAGA TRADER.

●   Cashback on a per-trade basis performed by NAGA TRADER using an NGC account.

●   Double crediting of copy bonuses on NAGA TRADER using an NGC account.

●   Lower trading fees for every asset listed on NAGA VIRTUAL.

●   Community status and free access to paid and premium content.

●   Users also benefit from the digital transformation of the largest industries in the world.

Users will be brokered by NAGA MARKETS, an EU-licensed and CySEC-regulated broker that invests in your development as a trader. With 99.9% of all trades executed in 250ms, traders will receive uniquely transparent trading with ultra-low spreads to benefit from market movements across 750 instruments. For all new and beginner users, a free unlimited demo account is provided to try new strategies and trading ideas without any risk.

Alternatively, traders can use NAGA STOCKS, a licensed and EU-regulated stocks investment platform. Unlike trading CFDs with NAGA TRADER, NAGA STOCKS allows its users to build a personal portfolio with stocks from more than 100 exchanges like NYSE, NASDAQ, FTSE, DAX and more. Using a customized portfolio analytics, traders will invest for capital growth or dividend income, with an ability to track favorite stocks in a straightforward user-friendly environment with market movers watchlists.


Keeping assets and funds safe and secure is a concern of one hundred percent of investors.

The NAGA WALLET makes sending money as easy as sending an email and offers instant transactions as well as the ability to purchase cryptocurrency with a credit card, see real-time price updates, access to a built-in exchange, all with zero percent internal trading fees.

The NAGA WALLET has the ability to safely store major cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH, XRP), NGC as well as 1,200 other ERC20 tokens and was built with an emphasis on ease-of-access and convenience.

Soon, users will be able to register for the NAGA CARD, which will allow 3 currencies on one card, EUR, GBP, and USD. The arrival of this card will be a game changer in the financial technology industry. By receiving a personal IBAN, cardholders can receive and send money in different currencies. In addition, NAGA CARD will be linked directly to its holder’s trading account and will be fully incorporated with all funding channels available on the NAGA platform.

The NAGA CARD lets users withdraw cash from ATMs all over the world and offers online account management.


The NAGA VIRTUAL marketplace (ex.Switex), lets gamers buy and sell in-game items for NAGA VIRTUAL credits.

Currently, huge markets exist where gamers can transact items in exchange for cash, cryptocurrency, or credits. NAGA VIRTUAL is connecting gaming marketplaces with a common currency, opening a wider market and making it easier for gamers to interact with one another.


It seems NAGA really values the importance of quality research and education, and to supplement the trading platform through exchange, NAGA offers stock and cryptocurrency trading courses, seminars, and even accredited degrees.

With NAGA ACADEMY, users have access to daily news, market analysis, weekly outlooks, important events, trading tips, and opinions from the markets’ top experts.

NAGA ACADEMY is partnered with an educational institute in Cyprus which offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in accredited universities in the UK.


The NAGA Ecosystem also has NAGA EXCHANGE (currently in final development stages) so that users can trade different types of cryptocurrencies. The whole process is made convenient and hassle-free by including support for multiple payment channels for users to fund their accounts, which comes with advanced security features and rapid transaction support.

And Many, Many, More

NAGA is far from finished and continues to roll out projects that benefit its users and bring all the tools necessary for successful investments together in one place.

Be sure to look out for NAGA’s release of the upcoming NAGA WEALTH, NAGA GUARD, and NAGA LOCAL.

What are your thoughts on NAGA’s extensive resources and expanding platform? What upcoming NAGA project are you most excited about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

Images courtesy of NAGA.

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