Netflix And Shill? Hollywood Films Its Cryptocurrency Premiere


Hollywood has announced it will film its first high-profile feature centered on cryptocurrency – and its alleged connection with money laundering in the art world.

‘Crypto,’ Art And Money Laundering

‘Crypto,’ an unlikely blockbuster which will see actors from some of the most popular current US serials play major roles, will begin filming later this year, local industry magazine Hollywood Reporter revealed last week.

The story of a corruption network in upstate New York, the film will highlight how an “art dealer” – Gilmore Girls’ Alexis Bledel – conducts business involving cryptocurrency.

The operation will be ‘discovered’ by an anti-money laundering agent, Netflix’s Beau Knapp, and “crypto-currency enthusiast turned cyber-sleuth” in the form of Jeremy Harris of ‘Legion’ fame, the Reporter confirms.

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“Cryptocurrency has captured the attention and imagination of consumers and entrepreneurs all over the world but has never been explored in film in such a nuanced and exciting way,” co-producer Jordan Yale Levine told the publication about Crypto’s impetus.


While it remains unclear as to what the ultimate appraisal of cryptocurrency as a phenomenon will be, the film marks a broad departure for cryptocurrency in popular media.

The Bitcoin industry has been the subject of cinematic content in previous years, this nonetheless appearing in the form of documentaries about its growing popularity or future potential.

Titles such as ‘The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin’ and ‘Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It’ both released in 2014, when global public knowledge of cryptocurrency remained a fraction of current levels.

For Crypto direct John Stalberg Jr., the pivot into mainstream cinema comes at an opportune moment.

“I am overjoyed to be working with such an incredible cast to bring this timely, thrilling story to life,” he commented.

Reacting to the news on social media, commentators meanwhile suggested Crypto added weight to comparisons the industry was in a similar position to the internet of the mid-1990s.

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