Giancarlo has gained 14x Twitter followers since the hearing yesterday. Proud of /r/Cryptocurrency!


Yesterday I asked you guys to show some love for Chairman Giancarlo and thousands of you followed him on Twitter and tweeted him kind words of encouragement.

At the time of the hearing yesterday he had just 2k followers, even though he had been active on twitter since 2014! Proof:

At the time of this post, he has some 28.5k followers. More than 14x!

Giancarlo has definitely felt the love from /r/Cryptocurrency and I am sure his kids and niece are proud of him.

It will be interesting to see what his next tweet will be. It looks like he was busy today meeting with President Trump on other matters.

Please give the Hon. J. Christopher Giancarlo a follow if you have not already:

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Written by /u/Lifeistooshor1 @ February 8, 2018 /u/Lifeistooshor1

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