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If you wish to get Bitcoin with debit card in the UK you can of course register at a large centralized exchange and run your purchases through their platform. In this case you will pay fees for both buying and selling Bitcoin.

However, there is an option that lets you more do the same cheaper AND save your money. We’re talking about getting Bitcoin with your debit card using Wirex.

Wirex is a platform that offers crypto-friendly currency accounts – that is, a set of wallets (BTC, LTC, ETH, USD, EUR, GBP) that will be available to you both through a web interface and an app (see Wirex review for more info).

With Wirex you can instantly buy BTC (or directly Litecoin or Ethereum) with your debit card without any fees (FREE), store it and spend it via a prepaid card. Wirex releases a prepaid debit card that works great for UK residents and it’s the real deal maker.

Spending and withdrawing Bitcoin is very important in times of a bull run especially – you should always remember to cash out some of your profits when Bitcoin grows. That is why Wirex with their prepaid cards is the best option for getting Bitcoin in the UK.

Here’s how Wirex works:

  1. Sign up
  2. Add your debit card to the secure system and top up your account with NO EXTRA FEES.
    Use the funds on your account for direct Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin purchases
  3. Receive the prepaid card from Wirex and withdraw some of your Bitcoin at ATMs or spend it at POS terminals if Bitcoin grows and fiat value of it increases (Bitcoin value grew to almost $20K by Christmas in 2017!)

To top it all, Wirex offers a cryptoback feature that no other crypto debit card provider has: each time you spend some of your BTC at POS terminals you will get 0.5% of spent amount back. Combined with low fees at Wirex the cryptoback feature makes Wirex the best platform to get Bitcoin with debit card in the UK in 2018.

If you wish to HODL your Bitcoin rather than spend it, Wirex is a winner again in what concerns Bitcoin transfer fees – you can move your Bitcoin to a secure hardware or desktop wallet from Wirex enjoying really low network fees, they take no extra commission:

wirex low btc sending fees good

Once again, the advantages of using Wirex to get Bitcoin in UK using your debit cards are:

  • no fee top-up
  • ability to spend offline using a safe prepaid card
  • cryptoback feature to save 0.5% of Bitcoin you spend offline

Sign up to Wirex now!

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