Genaro Collaborates with Pundi X to Widen Cryptocurrency Adoption


Genaro and Pundi X have decided to come together with an aim to popularize and widen the use of cryptocurrencies in real world businesses. Together they would put in effort to make crypto payments more secure and decentralized thus building the trust of businesses to use cryptocurrency as an alternative to fiat.

Pundi X- collaborating to create a secure POS device

Pundi X has been a darling of investors for a couple of months now as it has been one of the closest to be accepted by real-world businesses. Its is multi-cryptocurrency Point of Sale (POS) solution for retail stores seeking to accept digital currencies in the world. The XPOS solution is not only capable of facilitating cryptocurrency payment or transactions but it also accepts transactions through mobile wallets and bank cards.

Apart from this it also provides a variety of analytics and services which crucial to retail businesses such as retail intelligence, inventory management, order management, marketing and loyalty programs making it really powerful.

Pundi X has put in good efforts to creating a really good POS device and now making it more secure so for everyday consumption, will be an extremely commanding step to bring the application of blockchain technology to the real world. This quest has made Pundi X collaborate with cutting-edge blockchain projects like Zilliqa, Storj Labs and others before joining hands with Genaro.

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Pundi X hardware + Genaro blockchain Software = Secure retail payment solution

As Genaro uses mixed consensus i.e SPoR (Sentinel Proof of Retrievability) and PoS (Proof of Stake) it ensures stronger performance and security. With this partnership, Genaro tokens (GNX) will be available on Pundi’s X’s XPOS and this would also allow the XPOS device to use Genaro’s innovative blockchain storage technology to process transactions.

It would also give Pundi X retailers to choose Genaro Eden, a blockchain storage application to store the data powered by Genaro Network, as their data service provider to ensure that their customers’ transaction data remains secure and private. As Genaro continues to evolve and grow, its stakeholders see it bringing blockchain to the forefront of daily life. As both Pundi X and Genaro play to their strengths, this partnership looks a win-win for both the parties.

Zac Cheah, CEO and Co-founder of Pundi X shared his excitement with respect to the partnership. He added “The benefits of this collaboration is mutual. Genaro Network provides a sustainable and secure platform for XPOS retailers who want to adopt blockchain technology in their business to store their data. Consumers are also presented with a greater range of choice in the fast-developing market for cryptocurrency transactions.

“We welcome the addition of Genaro to the Pundi X ecosystem as a key development for bringing blockchain applications to wider adoption in the real world”.

Will Pundi X be successful on changing the way the retail industry looks at crypto payments? Do let us know your views on the same

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Written by Nilesh Maurya @ June 21, 2018 Nilesh Maurya

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