Future Tech And Its Transformative Potential: Rafal Szymanski’s Expert Take

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Rafal Szymanski dives deeper into future tech such as AI, virtual reality, augmented reality, and, of course, blockchain, and explains how they are already proving their worth.

Virtual Reality: A Paradigm Shift

So far, our overall experience with the world of internet has been two-dimensional at best. The closest we’ve come to interact with this engulfing technology have been hand-held screens, e.g. your tablets and smartphones. All of this, however, is undoubtedly about to change thanks to the advancements in the field of Virtual Reality (VR) development.

“The development of virtual and augmented reality applications is going to trigger a monumental change in the way we shop, surf, and, in general, experience the internet”, says Rafal Szymanski – a recognized professional and owner of a European-based development and IT company Global Tech Makers.

According to the specialist, VR is a technology which is likely to dominate the app development landscape for years to come. What is more, the expert holds that its applications far exceed the ever-so-popular field of gaming, online shopping, and others in the retail space.

“What we are about to witness, and what’s already beginning to happen, is VR spreading its potential across an entirely new domain of industries, including education, healthcare, sports, recreation, and many more.”- Says the expert.

Just last month, the American Society of Anesthesiologistspublished two studies which conclude that innovative VR technologies are promising in reducing children’s anxiety and pain right before and after medical procedures.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Its Transformational Impact

AI has proven to be more than just a high-tech buzzword. In fact, it’s amongst the future technologies which have long caused controversy amongst industry experts. While some are particularly positive about its rapid development, others express concerns on whether or not we’re entirely ready for its yet untapped and virtually unlimited potential.

Regardless of the position, though, one thing is clear – AI technology is here to stay.

One industry, however, has been known to benefit tremendously from its capabilities. Digital marketing can make tremendous use of AI and machine learning, automating complex processes and segmenting unimaginable amounts of big data in a particularly short amount of time.


According to Mr. Szymanski, who’s also the founder of cutting-edge advertising networkEasyVisual, properly developed AI solutions are every marketer’s dream.

“AI can help us redefine the way we treat and read information,” he explained. “One of the biggest issues in the field, as it is in almost all other industries, is the human error factor. AI takes that away. Not only does it solve it completely, but it does so by speeding up processes and producing precise, detailed, and spot-on conclusions which allow marketing specialists to properly segment and target their audience to achieve the necessary results at a much lower cost.” 

Understanding its broad potential, though, Szymanski also added:

Of course, that’s not to say that marketing is the only industry to benefit from AI technology. In fact, there are plenty of recent examples of how the technology is transforming multiple fields. As an owner of an IT company, I can say with absolute certainty that more and more of our clients are showing increased interest in AI.

2018’s Hype: Blockchain

Blockchain is the emerging technology that everyone in the tech space happens to talk about in 2018. Of course, it has much to do with the fact that Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency, rocketed to $20,000 in January 2018.

Nevertheless, it appears that blockсhain technology is here to stay. Major companies have already ventured into the field. Just recently tech mogul IBM filed apatent application, presenting the company’s vision for a blockchain-powered system which can supposedly enhance the process of doing scientific research.  

Szymanski, whose company Global Tech Makers is a partner of blockchain-powered social network FutureNet, outlines one of the main benefits of this emerging technology:

Blockchain removes the need of an intermediary. In a world where everything is delivered by a middleman, this is truly fundamental. It has the potential to disrupt virtually any industry.

Rafal Szymanski established a great partnership with FutureNet and often gives advice to the team on the technical issues:

In turn, FutureNet helps us in the development of our products such as 24bas or EviGuard. So, you see that we are good friends and partners with FutureNet founders. At the same time, I’m not presented in the company as a head or a member of the board, but I am a chairman of FutureNet Foundation council. It’s an NGO that tends to change people’s lives for the best. It’s an honor for me to be a part of the foundation since its very start. We’ve already helped many people and constantly publish the information on the official website of the foundation https://futurenetfoundation.org/ and on Facebook. FutureNet Foundation unites those who are not indifferent to people in need of help in all parts of our planet. Quite often I recall to the words Roman Ziemian (FutureNet founder) once said: “If we help at least one little kid to fight for his life, it means that we can leave this world knowing that we’ve lived for a reason.

What do you think of the role of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain in our future? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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