Furcoins warning review: another Western Union scam! [UPDATED]

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Yet another “anonymous Bitcoin buying service” has been promoted with automated spam comments for a while: furcoins. One of our readers has sent the following report in a comment (below)

Jan 8 – furcoins received my payment to buy bitcoin amounting to USD 1022.09 thru western union
Jan 9 – furcoins confirmed to send bitcoin to my wallet, waited for 6 hours, to my surprise furcoins send it to the wrong bitcoin address (very unlikely)Furcoins confirmed bitcoins has been sent to my correct wallet, I am still waiting for bitcoin to be deposited in my wallet for 24 hours now. Which is way beyond what furcoins guarantee to its customers of 45 minutes – 6 hours waiting time to be deposited (see faq section https://furcoins.com/faq/)I’ve been requesting several times already for a screen shot from furcoins system showing that furcoins already sent bitcoin in my wallet – furcoins won’t provide itIt should be similar to a customer sending screen shots confirming payment made thru western union or MoneyGram
Under its faq section (https://furcoins.com/faq/)Why did I not receive the coins after paying? If your payment has been received and you do not get the bitcoins within 6 working hours after paying (maximum delay), contact the customer care support 24 hours passed, still no bitcoin deposited in my walletKeep coordinating with furcoins customer support, all I just get is ‘hold’ just ‘hold’ How can I prove that a bitcoin transfer was made? By checking http://blockchain.info/address/youraddress you will be able to see the records of the coins that were sent to or from your address.no transactions have been made on my address for 24 hours already (very very unlikely)Stanley jones
Financial officer Furcoins
+1 (213) 632-4808

Cont. Update status
Jan. 10 – furcoins claims technical problem associated with my wallet which made the bitcoins sent to bounced back and reassured bitcoin will be in my wallet in the next 3 hours.

After more than additional 6 hours waiting, furcoins claims that my wallet is deactivated and my wallet is unable to accept transfer of bitcoins

I’ve been requesting several times already for a screen shot from furcoins system showing proof that furcoins indeed sent bitcoin in my wallet – furcoins won’t provide any at all

SUMMARY: still no bitcoin in my wallet (01/11/2018)

Should I be worried on such delays?

Unfortunately, this is exactly the case to be worried, and quite possibly, be ready to never see that money again.

Let’s inspect the Furcoins website to see if it’s legit or not.

  1. The website: made on wordpress, quick and sloppy design, resembles Liviacoins. Same site structure, similar text, same menu, same TOS. This is enough, Furcoins is a scam.
  2. Same “business model” as the Liviacoins scam: Bitcoin in exchange for a Western Union transfer. (Western Union is an old money transfer system where you are sending cash to any country using only a person’s name as an identifier. The person will pick the money in that country using an ID, naturally this could be a fake ID in a faraway land). Another payment method used is MoneyGram.
  3. Fake company, fake address. Furcoins company is “Fur Financials Inc. South San Francisco, CA 94080, USA”. This is what their support says when you ask them for address:

furcoin scam 2

4. Fake employees. “Stanley Jones” does not exist on LinkedIn. Furcoins does not exist on LinkedIn.

Furcoins is a complete, outright scam. Do not send your money to these people!

Most probably this is the same group of scammers running Liviacoin and Furcoin. They use the cryptocurrency hype and promise Bitcoin purchases without ID verification, which tempts a lot of people. Once people wire their money to fake personas, the “customer support” starts wasting their time, like described in our reader’s comment above.

UPDATE: Furcoins threaten the user who complains about their scam.

See the comment by leomapa below. Furcoins support has replied to him, basically saying “we could send you the BTC you bought, but we won’t, because you’ve left bad reviews online”. This is outright criminal behavior, I hope leomapa gets his/her funds back.

Remember, if you need to buy Bitcoin anonymously, even using Western Union if you wish, – you can do it safely at LocalBitcoins, an established marketplace with an escrow system and a trust ratings mechanism. Do it there!


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  1. leomapa says

    01/12/2018 status update

    after furcoins found out that i shared my experience in the web, below is their response. let me know your thoughts about it

    We wish to inform you that everything in respect of your newly provided bitcoins wallet has been noted and your bitcoins ready for transfer to your new wallet

    However, it is with greatest dismay and shock that our Monitoring Team inform the Board about your write up on various platform on the internet deliberately calculated to slammed the image of this platform.

    In view of that, an investigation has commenced to ascertain if you actually did before any step can be taken in respect of your Order

    Accordingly, your hasty conduct has placed your Order on hold

    While we enjoined you to desist from further unwarranted write up, we shall get back to you on the decision of the Board


    The reason I chose Furcoins from the beginning is the Positive reviews and customer satisfaction I read thru other platforms as well and in the review section of your website.

    I was optimistic I could experienced also what others had – CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

    After being patient with Furcoins for over 24 hours waiting, it is a big consideration and gamble on my part.

    What I shared in the internet is what I experienced using your platform. To my dismay, the review I send to your website was altered entirely.

    Points to consider

    1. Furcoins failed to deposit by using wrong Bitcoin Wallet Address from the start.
    2. Furcoins failed to deliver within 45 minutes – 6 hours (maximum delay) as stated in your website. (over 24 hours still no btc in my wallet, But I still believe Furcoins can deliver)
    3. Furcoins failed to provide proof showing my wallet is deactivated and unable to accept bitcoins despite numerous request.
    4. Furcoins customer care support does not reply as needed even it’s 24/7 as it claim.
    5. Furcoins failed to provide real time update knowing our Time zone Difference

    All of my concerns with you are supported with screen shots so it can be simplified for Furcoins to resolve. And it should be vice versa if you have any concerns especially with my BTC Wallet Address

    To summarize: I made my payment in full to purchase bitcoin and Furcoins failed to deliver my bitcoin as scheduled. SIMPLE..

    More than 24 hours delay to deliver is an unacceptable to any customer who believe in Furcoins that it can deliver as it claims.

    I believe it is my right to have my payment be refunded as soon as possible. No need for the board to waste any more time.

    PS: refund within 5 business days from day of request. (https://furcoins.com/terms-and-conditions/)

    1. Staff says

      > Accordingly, your hasty conduct has placed your Order on hold

      Wow. “We will scam you because you complained about our scam”. What a bunch of crooks.

      They are just wasting your time with this “board” BS.

      1. leom says

        as per customer support, it will take 14 days to process my refund.
        (5 business days only as per terms and conditions)

        Below is the response why that long

        yours is a special case because of the investigation going on about your disparaging comments on the internet which was alleged to be made by you


        1. Staff says

          The fact that they are so arrogant and want to scare you into deleting your reviews makes me think it’s a bunch of kids. But they are playing with fire.

          1. leom says

            Me: btw, i successfully transferred bitcoin to my wallet (no boucne back or any problems encountered)

            Furcoins: would you mind I verify that using my personal system so I will know how to present your case more forcefully to the transfer team?

            ME: just proceed with my refund

            Furcoins: then, you have left me with the transfer team insinuation that your wallet is not active
            however if you want me to verify to know the authenticity of your assertion

            In order to help hasty up your refund process KINDLY PROVIDE YOUR USER I’D AND PASSWORD ONCE I VERIFY that your wallet is active, I will personally call of the head of human resource to ensure that the needful is done and your refund done immediately

            ME: *Do not disclose Password Google Authentication codes and SMS to anyone, including support

            I got that advise from a reputable trading site

            Furcoins: since you turn down my offer to help you fast track the refund process by making the necessary complaint to the head of human resource on some of these lapses experienced by some of our high esteem client

            it may take up to 14working days


  2. LewRSF08 says

    My first experience @ furcoins can simply be described as trading bitcoins made easy and cheap! I guess you are another disgruntled fellow for #localbitcoins#. I left your acclaimed #localbitcoins# to start trading at furcoins!

    1. Staff says

      Yes, because you work for them/liviacoins. Your IP address associates with a web spam complaint, which is for guess what – spam comment praising “liviacoins”, the same western union/money gram scam that “sells” bitcoin… well without delivering any Bitcoin.

      Thanks for the proof that furcoins = liviacoins.

      Just give it up guys and refund everyone.

  3. leom says

    01/13/2018 update status

    emailed several times already for the status of my refund amounting to USD 1022.09 – STILL NO REPLY AT ALL

  4. amanda bruce says


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