FUCK VISA: after double-charging then refunding every transaction from the LAST MONTH to my credit card, they had the balls to retroactively charge me a $5 “cash advance” fee for every purchase from Coinbase.


I can only assume they’re terrified of the power of crypto and they’re trying to discourage everyone from purchasing it.

My question is, and I’m sure this has been discussed at length here: How can they charge a cash advance fee for purchasing something the government hasn’t acknowledged as currency.

I mean, isn’t crypto technically in the same realm as Playstation points? I’m not getting cash from an ATM, i’m buying an online asset not classified as money. How can they legally do this?

BTW I called my bank and told them they could reverse the charges or I’d be closing my account, as I wasn’t notified of these changes via email or regular mail and they did it, only took 2 minutes.

Bank is RBC. They were apologetic and blamed VISA for it.

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