‘Why Is This Fraud Allowed To Speak?’ Because Bitcoin Cash Sponsored Deconomy


Self-professed ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ Craig Wright likely had a platform at Deconomy 2018 due to Bitcoin Cash sponsoring the event.

Bitmain Listed As Deconomy ‘Supporter’

After the now-infamous confrontation between Wright and Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin at the event, during which Buterin asked “Why is this fraud allowed to speak at this conference,” the controversy surrounding Bitcoin Cash proponents’ claims has returned to the cryptocurrency industry.

The answer to his possibly rhetorical question may yet lie in the fact that Deconomy lists pro-Bitcoin Cash mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain as one of its “supporters.”

Wright was also the center of a separate argument after Blockstream CSO Samson Mow refused to participate in a panel with him, following which, Mow claims, Wright was denied the chance to participate.

Thereafter, Mow attempted to unite Bitcoin users, saying “something needs to be done about” Wright.

That something could involve a boycott from industry leaders of events where Wright is scheduled to take part. Litecoin creator Charlie Lee has already confirmed as much, stating he “will not attend or speak at any conference that invites CSW to speak.”

The Seoul-based conference took place just days before the first scheduled meeting of the Seoul Bitcoin Cash Meetup April 5, at which both Ver and Wright are due to speak. The event already appears to have backfired, with hardly any of the promised 500 attendees showing up.

After Wright, Community Pins Blame On Ver

Buterin’s rebuking of Wright was widely reported, with fellow Bitcoin Cash supporter Roger Ver coming in for similar criticism from major community figures.

Among those was the ‘original’ Seoul Bitcoin Meetup, an active group of community members in existence since 2014.

In a series of tweets April 5, the collective opted to dissect Ver’s words at both Deconomy and other events in South Korea, in a move similar to Buterin vs. Wright on Twitter following the Deconomy debate.

As a priority, the tweets highlight Ver’s Bitcoin.com news and information resources as being biased towards Bitcoin Cash, yet attempting to conceal it from entry-level Bitcoin users.

“…Starting with a promotion of http://Bitcoin.com – several pointers: this website presents itself as a Bitcoin site and as a community. In fact, it’s a for-profit site to promote $BCH first and foremost. There ARE strings attached. He HAS a stake in it, incentive to promote,” it wrote.

…At #SeoulBitcoin, we want to help people rely on their own understanding of #Bitcoin to see through these false, misleading, or cherry picked claims made by any and all poorly informed and self-aggrandizing critics.

Wright has since responded to Buterin, while producing what he claims is “proof of lies” on the part of Bitcoin Core by refuting the lack of attendance at the Bitcoin Cash Seoul meetup.

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