Foleum Partners Nexus to Create an Energy Efficient 3D Blockchain


Foleum, and Nexus have come together to create world’s first three-dimensional blockchain which would need a three consensus channel to lock transactions in the blockchain. This would be named as Nexus 3DC and will be one most the most secured blockchain to date created.Foleum and role would be to collaborate on Green Energy Issues for Blockchain Mining

What is Nexus 3DC

Nexus is in the process of generating the next evolution of blockchain protocol which will be utilizing three different consensus channels (witnessing, stake weights, and proof-of-work), systems that work together to simultaneously verify and lock transactions into the chain and create blocks.

Integration of advanced cryptography also makes the 3DC the first blockchain that is genuinely resistant to quantum attacks, thus creating the world’s most secure digital currency. Nexus will also be launching nanosatellites (cubesats) into low Earth orbit and building a ground-based support system to create an unparalleled mesh network that links the blockchain with communications technology, providing us a decentralized internet future. The company will focus on three core principles: efficient and scalable code, enhanced security, and revolutionary hardware networks.

The Nexus 3DC will also be the most energy-efficient consensus system to date. In addition, the revolutionary Nexus Lower Level Database (LLD) provides dynamic data retrieval, enabling the partitioning of the entire 3D blockchain across nodes, reducing blockchain bloat.

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Foleum to make Nexus 3DC environment-friendly

Foleum is a community based innovative blockchain mining project designed to generate the majority of its own power using GREEN hybrid technologies and makes it possible for individuals to get involved in GREEN blockchain mining initiative.

It is Nexus’s concern for the environment and wish to curtail its carbon footprint makes it a natural partner for Foleum, as it will generate the majority of its own mining power with renewable resources. Foleum will provide Nexus with statistical data, environmental impact services, and other areas of work as the parameters of the Nexus project evolve.

Foleum and Nexus both feel they share a significant connection: the primary character of both companies is grounded in the spirit of benefitting the society and the wider world. Both companies do feel a need being the positive forcefor creating a changing world from economic, humanitarian, and environmental aspects.

Will this partnership be a game changer in the way blockchain mining works and make it more energy efficient? Do let us know your views  on the same

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Written by Nilesh Maurya @ June 16, 2018 Nilesh Maurya

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