$Floki Inu marketing tactics we should all learn from

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Floki is one of the dozens of dog-themed meme coins looking to repeat success of Doge and Shiba – but Floki is evolving way beyond that. The developers of this coin are promising real utility soon – the play-to-earn gaming metaverse Valhalla, Inuversity, the crypto educational platform, and a physical goods marketplace FlokiPlaces.

The project seems like it could get a lot of traction and increase crypto adoption worldwide.

However, if you study the project you’ll notice how the $FLOKI team is taking crypto marketing and community management to new levels.

As marketers ourselves, we keep noting how well some of their things are organized, – and other crypto projects are starting to take note and adopt similar tactics as well.

Telegram community management, twitter interactions, automation – $FLOKI team is really good at all that. Good news is that you can learn from them!

Let’s take a look at some of the things that stand out about Floki Inu marketing.

1. The “Floki Inu Entry portal” Telegram channel.


Once you hit the Telegram link on the Floki homepage, you will get to the “$Floki Inu Entry Portal” channel where you’ll verify that you’re human and be transferred to the main Floki group.

Since the gateway channel is then left in the Telegram chat list of every user who went through it, the “Entry Portal” becomes a convenient way to send an urgent message to all group members, e.g.:

floki inu telegram marketing gateway channel

This is implemented with using the PreVerify bot: https://t.me/PreVerify

The gateway channel is another marketing asset you can have for quick noise-free announcements.

Since all users have to go through the gateway to join the main chat, in essence they’ve already joined your announcement channel. This reduces the amount of taps you’re asking your users to make – and that’s always great from the UX viewpoint.


2. “Raids” & chat mutes


Members of the Floki community call each other “Vikings” and they often go on “raids” on Twitter. That means they gain exposure from responding to power users like CZ, Elon Musk, DEX accounts, and whoever else has an audience they need.

The best part about the way they do it though is – admins mute the Telegram chat when they announce the raid target:

floki raiding cz twitter

floki chat muted

floki chat muted


This is extremely effective, because all of the ±50K community members now basically have one single call to action, a point to concentrate all of their forces on.

Anyone who wanted to spend some time fooling around, talking, and posting gifs, now goes on Twitter and promotes the brand – because the chat is muted.

The takeaway – if you want to your Telegram group users to act, and have a high conversion rate with that –

a) have an active group (i.e. actively encourage communication 24/7)

b) mute the group with a clear call to action sometimes

3. “Raid to educate”


As you’ve noticed above, the Floki marketers are not encouraging mindless spam from the community.

They do their best to keep the community “raids” tactful and not irritate major players.

The culture of “not spamming” is encouraged and promoted:

do not raid elon floki

“Raiding” needs to be fact-based, convincing, and positive:

raid floki


4. Daily tasks


This is one of their best tactics – simple, effective, and automated. Their bot posts this daily:

daily tasks floki vikings

Most of these tasks are extremely easy and can be done in several clicks.

Increasing the search volume of the brand name on Google is a way to get it to trend, which would showcase Floki to even more users.

The results of this are clearly visible and impressive:

floki inu google trends

floki inu google trends 2

floki inu coingecko marketing

floki inu coinmarektcap marketing



5. Noise to signal ratio


We’ve been in the Telegram group for a week and there’s zero drama or FUD.

Here’s why that is like that:

a) FUDsters get banned ruthlessly and quickly

b) The community is NEVER idle. There is always something productive and pro-active to do: new “raid” targets, new polls, daily tasks, memes, and so on.

This is an amazing lesson for any Telegram community manager – if you keep your members busy – there will be less FUD, negativity, and infighting!

Constantly feed your members new tasks and reward them with news from your end – that seems to be the recipe of Floki community success in a nutshell.


6. Community appreciation and communication


Since Floki is a movement-based coin in its’ concept, the founders always find ways (& time) to show appreciation to the community members.

Frankly, that is a breath of fresh air since toxicity coming from founders becomes way too frequent (a-la “we don’t owe you anything).

Here’s an example – the Floki founder expresses their gratitude to the community after the project won an extremely tight vote to be included @ Travala:

floki devs community gratitude


Another important point – the team never goes silent on the community.

Their communication is active, actionable, and on 24/7.

There are also frequent Twitter spaces updates – all organized well and to-the-point:

floki twitter spaces


7. Offline marketing and partnerships


The 3% tax on all buy and sell transactions allows the team to have a marketing budget that they use for branding and offline ads.

The implementation have been impressive so far – billboards and ads in London, Helsinki, Dubai, and a lot more locations:


floki ad bus

floki ad bus1

floki ad dubai

floki ad helsinki

floki ad subway


That’s not to mention the absolutely impressive deal with the Football club Napoli:



8. Memes and culture


This only makes sense since Floki has started as a memecoin – but they’ve taken even that to a new level of organization and pragmatism.

The terminology is consisted and clear – vikings, raids, and all that give a lot of space for creativity considering the amount of viking-related gifs and imagery out there.

There’s a Floki meme archive on Telegram – and you can get lost in it (and definitely find your weapon for a raid):


floki memes telegram channel

The channel has marketing materials and infographics anyone can use for any purposes.

Remember how many times you’ve seen this in other projects – people keep asking for info on Telegram and get replies with fragmented and obsolete info – set it up the way Floki team did!


Copied widely – because it works


Other projects have started using some of Floki’s marketing tactics, because they are so simple and effective. Here’s a cross-chain defi project Kingdefi.io using “daily tasks” on Telegram:


floki marketing tactics copied


Most of what Floki’s marketers do is so simple, common sense-based, and tasteful.

Yet the consistent implementation makes them very effective, and the coin is most likely set up for exponential growth.


Disclaimer: Not a single satoshi was paid for this post. We do hold some $FLOKI though.

And you probably do too.




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