First FIFA World Cup 2018 And Now Ronaldinho, Crypto Finds New Hope In Football


FIFA World Cup 2018 finale is almost here with France facing off Croatia in the finals on July 15. However, Football’s growing connection with crypto is only going to get stronger as football legend Ronaldinho is just two days away from going live the private sale of his crypto project Ronaldinho Soccer Coin.

FIFA World Cup 2018 aids the weak crypto market

FIFA World Cup 2018 is finally coming to an end. On July 15, the world will get its winner. France or Croatia! Only the time will tell! 

Every four year, Football community comes together and host a major event which gets enormous attention from all over the world. This time, the football community gave its attention to the cryptocurrencies through decentralized betting platforms.

Moreover, from hotels, flights to food and booze, bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies were used for payment. Not to forget, recently, one of the biggest crypto exchanges, Huobi announced the reward of Huobi Tokens (HT) and Tron (TRX), for predicting the winner of Fifa world cup 2018.

However, one thing is for sure, the connection that football and cryptocurrencies have created is only going to get strengthened.

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Ronaldinho Soccer Coin Ready to Enter Crypto Market

Now, the former professional footballer, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira or Ronaldinho who was also the ambassador for Spanish club Barcelona, have joined the celebration. The midfielder has entered the crypto market with an ambitious project.

The idea is to build a football academy that will host amateur league matches around the world. Moreover, about 300 digital VR stadiums all around the world will be developed that will analyze the skills of players and then compile a database from the same. This data will be then used to create new teams.

These facilities will be built over the span of coming three years in Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa. This plan further involves the development and operation of a betting platform and a marketplace.

Titled Ronaldinho Soccer Coin, the project is opening for private sale as the Fifa World cup 2018 approaches its final. The private sell is in less than three days and will go to crowd sale next month.

This project also hold emotional facet to its as well, as Ronaldinho expresses in his message,

“I want to bring a smile to as many people as possible through this project. I wish as many people as possible will have dream and hope and become happy.”

Though many players have entered the crypto space, Ronaldinho is one of the most renowned players to join in. Previously, names like Floyd Mayweather and Stephen Curry have also entered the market but those projects have been since either suspended or charged with fraud.

Cryptocurrency and football have surely secured a long term connection, however, it gained a lot of potential, attention and hype during the FIFA World Cup 2018 only.


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